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@whutnani: ^.^ I'm happy my comment could raise your spirits. I'm also happy I get to enjoy your art at two completely different times in my life in two such different ways.
Lol, just gives me a mental image of Atty lighting his cigarette on Dragonthing's tail
Then he gets punched? :3 ? <3
Your chibis are the absolute cutest
24 over here, and I think the boy's snapped O.o
@_@ I can't believe it left off here, I found and read through this comic today and I must say I adore it. I can't wait for the next update.
BWAAAHHAHAHA! <3 I love it. I'd read the beginning of this a long time ago and I came back to find several new pages of goodness- I'm really enjoying reading it, I hope you continue for quite a while.
O.o;;; I love the constant battles between people that go on during scenes such as this o.o Now, yes people, there are moral issues with rape- namely it's wrong. This however is fiction in which it can be used to influence the plot whether to the positive or the negative. It's not wrong for an author to show that something has happened, because these things happen in real life- minus the pokemon element. There is no sin to fiction.
Regardless >.< Jesus Pikachu, he'll never stop being mad at you now. @.@ Also, on the floor? Unpleasant.
Ooohs, I like how this is going. It's a more mature outlook on a nostalgic old story- and your lines are so clean and pleasant to look at. Your artwork, well, I enjoy it quite a bit ^_^ <3 Please continue.
What a place to cut off! What can I say? This comic is intriguing and beautifully drawn. I normally don't even read romance stuff anymore, but this, this is fascinating and I'm eager to get some of the answers to the many questions. Please update soon!
December 21st, 2009
Something new and pretty to read <3 Hehe. I'm fascinated. I'd like to know more about our darling ghost boy, so please, update soon. <3
September 3rd, 2009
O.o I thought he punched her for a second XD
September 1st, 2009
Well o.o All things considering, that's realistic, I mean they were very obviously shipped in the series, it's best not to ignore it, albeit it gets in the way of smutty pokeperson/person goodness.
HOLY SHEEP! Another page! :D!!! <3 Heh, cute, Persian likes ticking off Meowth.
:D!!! How cute! Voltorb- the protector of all adorable ukes <3
I can't stop looking at it. I love how expressive your characters are and I think your artwork is just beautiful!
These two are sooo much fun to read >.> I love seeing Meowth's adorable reaction to Persian's sado side.

Side note >.> Slap him Meowth >3 I'd love to see his reaction.
<3 Teh Pretty...
I just love how as the pet of a mob boss Persian is sooo.... diabolical. With that same oppressive leader personality. I really think you've created a really cute story line here. I love seeing it when you update. I hope you continue to write a lot of new pages <3
April 21st, 2009
Cute little Jouet, acting like he has modesty. :3
August 26th, 2008
Oh wow. This page is pretty! <3 I'm so happy you're updating so regularly now. I check back daily.