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what happened to lillian?? D:
Hope you're doin alright. I like the light streak you added to the third panel. Also the lighting in the fourth panel. Attention to detail I guess, idk I've been up all night, :)
Is the tape looking thing next to the urinal in the first panel covering a glory hole? 0//////0
aahhhHHHHH nooo too cuteeeEEEE!!! D:
This is really cute. Great update, definitely lifted my spirits! >w<
@ErintheGayLemur: Why, you're incorrect! :33 How could you poooooooossibly assume something like that???????? ::::) >:] }:) :o) ):B 38D :B 0_0 u_u ^u^ :U
Oh gosh, they're both pretty drunk. 0~0
The Wanderer?? More like...wandering handssss!!!....(gog that was awful)...
Don't know why, but I kind of want someone to throw up?
Wait where's Danny I wanted to know more about Danny. Oh well. aaaaaAAAAHHHHH
oooooooh he's all blooooooooodyyyyyy
*coughs blatantly*
Awwwwwwww. Why are they so cuuuUTeeEE?? Oh my gosh. I love this story so so so much. You're brilliant, your characters are brilliant, and the dialogue~~! <3
I don't know how many times I've read this over and over. QwQ
Ooooh, she's good. >w<
Oh gog sorrythiscommentissolate.
Wow, the page quality! ;w;
I really like the white lines outining the characters. (:
(Welcome back! Sort of...I suppose I'm a tad but late in saying that.) (^x^;)
That drawing is perfffff and thank /YOU/!!!
Just reading through that put a big old smile on my face...>/////<
It's so exciting that you've gotten this many fans!!! I LOOOVE how you're putting so much effort into this project and look forward to future updates with bated breath! Your art style is so cute, visually pleasing, and aMAAAAAZING! AHHHHhh, I can't stop using exclamation points!!!!!!
Andohmyglobbitygoodness, I checked out the Tumblr you put in the boxthing and scrolled down and saw that you are going to haVELANDONANDJULIANFROMTINF
*goes berserk*
*calms down*
I also like the character with the bleach blond hair/redorangish bangs' skirt. Yeah.
*sits and waits patiently for chapter 3* :>
(It shouldn't take this long to post a comment, should it? Rhgrhmgdioffdgjondggnojgrobnj I have no idea how much stuff I've added and deletedddddddd. Am I commenting too much? Oh, and sorry, this comment is probably unnecessarily long, I'm really hyped up right nooooww.)
*edits approximately 42 times*
It has been decided. These two are gonna give me diabetes. ^u^
Jamie is just so adorkable~💕
I absolutely ADORE Jamie's face in the last panel! :3
Edit: Reread your comic, and I had the exact same reaction. Again. God, your comic is so funny!!! Also, you're a storyboard artist for the show Sanjay and Craig? My little brother bugs me all the time about that series. What is it like, working on the show? I'm curious. And the cat ain't dead. Yet. ;3
I've been lurking this comic for a long time now and I always feel kind of embarrassed whenever I comment on anything, but I just wanted to say that I really, really, reeeeeeeeally love your webcomic. I mean, this is just so adorable and now I just want mommy dragon cuddles and now Ellis is crying and whenever I see anyone crying, I feel like crying too and BOOM, there go my feels. ;_;