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Welp, this account is probably never going to be used again. Oh well.
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Ooh, a contest. Might just have to try and draw something, even though it's been a while since I've done that.

As for a favorite character... I would say either Eevee or Patch. Eevee because he has a deeper personality than the others, and I can't wait to see him again. And Patch because he's just so gosh darn cute! :3
Wow... I am shocked. Today, I decided to check to see if this comic had updated. I hadn't been on Smackjeeves in months and I was not expecting a new comic from you.

What a pleasant surprise :3

So, how has life been treating you? Done anything interesting as of late?
@Butterscotch: I'm serious, this exact thing happened to me with Pashmina. And it does seem like she's always getting sick.
Every so often I would check to see if you uploaded anything new. I'm so glad I checked today. It's good to have you back, bananakin. :D
@Blitzn'Burst: Just shut up already. Lug isn't going to stop this, no matter what anyone says. I know many people dislike this story line, but get over it.
Okey, voted.

I love that Eggie was included as watching the battle XD
Yeah, I completely understand. I never want any of my friends to see any of my drawings. :l
Well, my guess was kinda close... in a way :/
What do you bet another Pokemon will come out of the blue and rescue Patch?
Well played ._.
Ah, Game Informer. They are so critical.
I played the demo for the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I think I might get it. It'll be the first Mystery Dungeon game I'll play :l.

Oh no... Poor Patch.