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It looks like he did it on purpose... :I
But maybe he didn't.
ah~ High School~ the best place in the world to find love.... :I and drama... lots and lots of drama
I have a question for ya'll
So I tried coloring my babies... :I
I plan to upload a lot more chibis so would you guys rather i upload them in color or not?
My babies~
So I have A LOT of Ocs and I have decided to draw ALL of them as Chibis.
So expect more of these later. :)
the first two don't have names yet :I still trying to decide what to name them... XD

@MediocreArts: Thank you~<3 I hope to upload more thingies soon. :3
wait... so they DID do it? :< nooo!!!
She is treating him like he's her gay best friend or something...
September 16th, 2013
I love him already! omg! XD
I guess you could say that this doodle shows how I've been feeling lately. . . bleh

So My family bought a new printer/scanner so i thought that i might as well post something from my sketchbook. I'l update soon. hopefully.

I cant draw bunnies.... especially dead ones. :P

@Cryingblujay: :I it's dead, yep.
@kay-land: Thank you~! >w< ~<3
September 9th, 2013
@SweetNekoChan: I noticed it too :I
Wonder why no one else did....
He is just... omg so cute...TOO CUTE!!!
well you kinda sorta fucked him... possibly. his hips hurt so i'm pretty sure you were the dominant partner. :I
Poor Simon! He eats alone... in the restroom?! aw... poor kid. :<
Don't get turned on!!! You virgin!!! Ha ha!
I read that as "My heart Butts with excitement. "
I need my glasses...
So before I went all depressed and lost all motivation to draw. I was working on a short chibi story based off of a Dragon dream I had over a year ago.
So after things settle down at home I'm going to continue working on it for you guys to see.
What do you guys think?
:I peek a boo
This was done real quickly.
a few weeks ago I mindlessly started to lightly cut myself. I don't really know why. I find it kinda funny :I

I've been gone for a while. But now i'm back and this time I hope to stay TT~TT
A lot of things have happened and i've been really stressed and depressed.
:I . . . That's my X-mas...
and the day after is my birthday XD
Another fan?
Omg... it's Clear...
Your icon makes me want to go play DRAMAtical Murder now....