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@Bamboo_Shoots: Through his awesome ninja powers. What you are seeing is not actually the ninja. That's just a substitute. :P
Ehehehe... Just as guilty as you there, GB.
Personally, I like the Pyro. I like burning stuff. :D
Note to author: it seems that you have accidentally posted the same comic twice. Double the fun? :/

Anyways... I wonder what the real reason why Paint wants Kirby to be red...
Apparently, you say LOL rather than actually laugh out loud. Interesting... XD Can't believe I just noticed this new update now. Keep bein' creepy, GB!

@BrokenPromises: I trust you...
@Bamboo_Shoots: Since now.

Truthfully, Kirby, I think you should go for it. While pink is a color perfect for the loving creature that is you, that bright red is quite fetching, too.
Are you very sure that's soda, Tsuki? Are you very very sure? Have you ever seen a movie called Little Monsters starring Howie Mandel and Fred Savage? It may not be apple juice, but still...
Is it... gummy bears?
Is it a present?
Is it this comic?
Is it soda?
Will we ever know what this mystery present is?
Tune in next time to find out!
I applaud your fabulous paint job, Paint. Kirby just doesn't appreciate your sense of beauty. You truly live up to your name.

@ShatteredMoon: I presume that GummyBears101 meant a different banner idea that happens to be more crowded. Probably. I don't know.
Awesome banner! Somewhat reminds me of Kirby Adventure...
@SlowNinja: Same here! Hi-Five! :D
Aww... so sweet~
Soon, you'll be breaking the fourth wall... LIKE A BAWSS B]
9. 5?
*raises eyebrows*
Kirby sounds like Navi in the fifth panel...
Ninja-guy looks much better with shading!
I like how Xeno just squints at the end. :D
Speaking of which, have you come up with a name for the ninja?
'Sup. Nice work, GummyBears101. Hope you get enough time to work on this more in the near future!
Also, the bottom left panel is misaligned by a pixel or two, but other than that, job well done :)