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...And I thought the last Tribal Council was amazing.

Sunflower. <3

I honestly hope Artemis survives this next vote. I find her more interesting than Dwayne, but I do think Artemis is going next purely because Eli's F3 prediction seem to be going back-to-back-to-back.
And to think none of this would have happened had Crisco voted out Eli first over Rosemary.

Eli and Paine ftw.
Well damn... Here's what I think will happen:
Hantz will play the double vote idol. But, somehow Hantz will end up winning immunity, and their plan will be foiled. Then, Tialayla's left as the swing vote between Angel/Whitney and Claus/Juiced Up. She decides to vote off Angel/Whitney for being a part of the power play that went wrong. :(
I hope it'll be Crisco, but I think it'll be Honey. Although, I said that last time, so we'll see...
...Well, so much for that alliance.
I didn't think it was possible for me to love Honey more than I already do. <3
Tia's great too, and Sexy makes me laugh. I love this alliance.
Wow. First Honey's saved, and I was so sure she was a goner. Yay! And then Paine flipped sides, seemingly out of nowhere. I wonder why.
Hopefully it's Bradlyn... Can't see it being Tialayla.
I'm gonna predict this is Honey's boot ep. Her edit has been reasonably weak overall, and she's had a visibility spike this ep. I can see her gunning for Bradlyn to go, after yesterday's comic, but it'll come back to bite her. I hope not though, I like Honey.
I really hope Casey goes. Angel's so funny. xD