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*throws laptop into the sun* nopenopenope
oh no, it's sad again
I like how Beth's first instinct after hearing a terrible death scream is to go look at what ever made it.
Over the wall!
(and on that day Beth and Magnus got a grim reminder)

Also, hello Jennifer/Safetybunny!
Welp, it was nice knowing those two.
@moonjellybeans: Happy birthday to you and your husband!
@moonjellybeans: yeah, i guess she's more of a beat the walking dead people kind of gal.
At least she's straight forward.
Ooooh no... they're already super cute together.
@moonjellybeans: oh man, she'd probably be able to bit someone's finger off real easy. Zombie!Beth would be a force to reckon with.
If the talking to a stuffed animal doesn't scare him, her canines might : D
Woot woot!
@moonjellybeans: *realizes this is the zombie from the cover* *flails around for a bit* Oooooooh!
Oh it got sadder,

how exciting.
Whoops sorry I've been gone for the last few updates.

Poor little baby looks so sad :(
Everyone is crazy here!

Aww poor abandoned baby.
This is such an intense conversations with such ridiculous hair.
@moonjellybeans: what's even better is that he's been bitten a few times already so he's probably thinking "those things are inside me." 0_0
Beautiful reaction at the end.
Color me impressed! I have not encountered a better zombie infection idea than this.