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I'm just some Albertan punk who thinks he can post comics on the internet (seriously, who do I think I am?)

Blah-de-blah blah blah, I'm not really that interesting, how are you?
If you actually are interested in something about me, or my opinion, you can shoot me a private message (pm); otherwise, thanks for stopping by my little nook of Smack Jeeves, and have a nice day!

Smack Jeeves Mafia: Played Bertrand "Bert" Mercer in Round 9 and am playing Ed in Round 10.
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@robybang: haha, oh right, that was kinda the whole thing with the last phase. That's what happens when I comment right before going to sleep. Thanks for replying to a stupid question.
So by "brig" you mean bottom of the sea, and by "port authority" you mean kraken?

Oh well, guess I'm done, but I am curious, did Arlon/LandenMaster cast a vote? And how many innocent and mafia are left now?

Other votes, to review for the remaining (at least as I can determine from comments):

Jay/DaBrokor -> Ed
Alpha/KreeTheBasilisk -> Alex Leon
Alex Leon/contradiction123 -> Ed
Orange/SPDark -> Ed
Ed/Poppykook -> Alex Leon
Arlon/LandenMaster -> ?
long version:

short version: I'm voting against Alex Leon

I was sort of leaning towards Alex to begin with, but contradiction123's above comment kinda confirmed it, given how I think my character, Ed, would react.
Ed responds to Alex Leon's accusations from contradiction123's RP here:

Sorry for the sketchy page, but I wanted to get something up this phase. Not sure if this will help my case or worsen it :/.
@KreeTheBasilisk: this one actually made me laugh out loud, but clearly Alpha is a learning AI (feel a little honoured you'd choose to make a gag from my last page to make running one).

Ed: *hanging over the opposite rail* urp... I not really familiar with the blue thing's... Arlon's ... physiology, but I'm pretty sure he can't recover from a harpoon through the chest.
*leaning over the edge, as the waves pick up again* curse the realism of this simulation...urp...who do call to clean up the janitor when he faints?

OOC: Hi all, sorry for my lack of activity during the night phase; I was actually out of town when it started, and was straight to work upon returning. Things are calming a bit now, so hopefully a page from me this phase.

Also, for the sake of not trying to remove myself from suspicion, even though Ed gets sea-sick easily, we'll just say the simulated ocean was near still through the night phase :).
@robybang: Sounds fine to me, but that may be because I didn't have a person in mind to vote against.
@LandenMaster: I'm glad you like the icon, but I don't want to give you false hope: I'm not planning on doing one of Lomiac (at least for now). Few reasons for that, 1, I'm not really sure how I'd pull off a Lomiac bunny; 2, I just did one of your characters; and 3, perhaps most importantly, there can be only one alien bunny: me >:3.
@LandenMaster: Full size link: , resized version in my author comment.
I figured since Arlon is a monsterized human, he'd be a monsterized bunny too. Had fun with this one, enjoy!
@SPDark: Sorry for the wait, only got to it today. I posted a resized version in my author comment, and here is a full size link:
Hope you like it!

@robybang: had to look up the artist to figure out your art joke, but haha.

@KreeTheBasilisk: Yeah the railings probably weren't, I'm sure Alpha's fine though, a 1 story drop shouldn't damage a metal man much at all.

By the way, has anyone figured out which exhibit this page is in yet? (An internet cookie to the first one to figure it out :) )
@LandenMaster: Thanks, but, hey, don't cut yourself short, you're page, at the very least, got a good number of us back and contributing.
I know I said I'd be done this page sooner, but when I told my brain to do a simple page, it told me I needed a detailed background in perspective (I actually finished yesterday night, but had some internet issues); at least I managed to include all the characters. Also, this is the first time I've done a page entirely on the computer (with the exception of thumb-nailing).

So I thought I'd give us a reason that the whole mafia game mechanic would have to come into play for this round. The Vestigia can still travel, but it would not be able to reach any authorities in a timely manner, and repairs would also take considerable time. I also figured that in the space-future, ships would be designed so that the bridge could be lock-downed and self-sustaining in the event of a threat or emergency (I also figured that there must be a team of NPC's flying the Vestigia, since none of our characters fill those rolls).

@Seth Owen: I hope you don't mind that I included your character's robo-death, I had to cut some of the text for space though (to others, check out his full page previous to this one).

Also, I should mention I'm not trying to put suspicion on contradiction123's Alex Leon, he just seems like the sort of character who would find crashing fun. I actually haven't cast a vote yet, so feel free to sway me to vote against some one (right now, I'm abstained).

Also, also, I realized that Ed is the tallest character; he has 7 inches on the big blue monster, Arlon! (At 5'6", Arlon is also shorter than Alex Leon, 5'7", and Orange, 5'8")

Also, also, also, Jay does not approve of the goings-ons of this page
<img src="">(What a grump! XD)

*Oh, and unlike this page, my new icon didn't take long, so if anyone else is interested in a "springtime" bunnification avatar of their character, I'd be happy to oblige, just ask!
For SPDark:<img src=""> For LandenMaster:<img src="">
Damage Report:
Casualties: 0
Injuries: Multiple reports of minor, no reports of serious or life-threatening

Long Range Comm. Array: major damage; non-functioning
Main Thruster: major damage; non-functioning
Engines: minor damage; damage localized to main thruster lines
Hull: minor damage; integrity non-compromised, airlock initiatives in effect for
vacuum exposed sections
all other structures/systems functioning normally

Notes: The resulting inertia of the explosions has caused the ship to drop out of FTL speeds, and with the main thruster compromised FTL travel is currently unavailable; additionally, authorities no longer know our location, as we were stopped mid-transit, and long range communications are now offline. It is recommended that the bridge remain in lockdown until authorities can be contacted. Directional thrusters are still online, allowing for ship maneuvering and cruising speeds; based on current speed estimates, the nearest police hub is four months away.
@LandenMaster: Why can't you ever spell my name right :'( ... jk ... But, yes, I'm here; working on a page right now in fact, though it'll be a little while yet till it's done.
February 17th, 2014
I was in kinda the same boat as Kree, art block, followed by work load (and I just took advantage of everyone else's combined apathy to just fade into the background). I'm good to start up again now though.

I say just set a date for the next phase to start based on what works for you Roby. In my experience, nothing gets people to contribute like a due date.
@TouhouShake: *cleaning up excess squees*
Seems most people have revealed themselves, so hi TouhouShake - I was your SS.
@Avest: Thanks again Avest! You have a nice clean style, and I was very happy to receive this. Although, if I may ask, what is he standing in?
Wow, my hat's off to this Santa
Looks just like the sort of picture you'd find in a photo album. Nice work on posing and expressions.
I laughed