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I like yaoi, wolves, anime, drawing, blah blah blah...

I'm mostly your typical teenager, struggling with depression, cast away to the annoying burn outs.


Other times I'm a preppy prep hanging out with the cheerleaders and football players.


Then I'm normal. I draw, do band
(percussion), normal people stuff, I think.
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OMG yesss hahaha

[[I'm the one who asked for it]]

This is awesome lol

Can I just steal Harrison? Q_Q
Don't forget my fantasy idea D: lol

I wish my freshman was that delightfully awkward lol
You have really tiny feet too? :D lol

You're so adorable haha
Idk, lol, me and my best friend fell asleep in my twin bed a few weeks ago, and I didn't end up pushing her off the bed X3 we did fight over the blankets a little though D:
Dude, if I wasn't so afraid of getting in trouble (even though I wonder the halls during classes at time ((the teachers don't give a damn anymore...))) I would have done the same thing...
If he was nice, he'd give Camille his hoodie lol

Love your comic!
Dude, I just love these guys lol and you for making such a kick butt comic!

Two weeks? *twitch twitch* I guess I can wait....:3
Er, how do you fave this comic, i can't find the button.
i like the last one.
September 22nd, 2007
Hardy har har
They seriously do look like smilies though. They should be smilies. ribs and man boobs are boring.
First Comment
I raped your comments too.

I'm so happy, yet so depressed after reading the page. Hold me.

HaNeul has a ghosty tail.

Keep up teh good work. *sniffle*
He's got no nipples. But like, OMG. *nosebleed*