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I love drawing, anime, reading manga and fanfiction. I hope that i'll be able to post something on here one day. But I have to practice more at drawing on the computer. I'm a high school student in Canada, and I love all my friends!
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Kid!Wallis is adorable. Look at him! Just flailin' around like dat. Amazing.:-)
The tree is melting O_O
So Harold's there too huh? OK, I am totally cool with that.
Why does he suddenly look a lot like Harold?
I can't decided which Harold I love more! X)
Our little Hero needs to stop getting stabbed.
I want friends like these. XD
Assock you just made everything better. :)
She see's a person. She SEE'S A PERSON. SHE SEE'S WALLIS. PLEASE.
Aww...come on...don't make that face...
This is just- this is awesome.
Wallace you better come and save her. Or Harold. Either one. Just NOW.
@kevansevans: This made me laugh,so much. :-D

But I am kinda sad about the way she died, I didn't really like her, (kidnappings Harold and making Wallace dissapear an' all) but the way she had to go wasn't what she deserved...
Peach's face is hilarious. :-)
I Like the fact that her buttons changed colors too.:-D
This is one of the few times I see a super villain say Peace Out:-D
Aw dang. I mean, I really did want them both to die but...come on,Lucky! He said he was sorry! I know that's no excuse but your really starting to scare people. That face on the last panel proves it!
He is way too happy and I don't like him. :-\
That girl needs a hug. :'(