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I write, no drawing skills, and no ability to finish any story I start. Dunno what you want me to say.
Two things I like about this page: Emily's responses and the alternate title. Kellen can kiss my behind.
@oscarlgz: From experience, he will cry over this. Just not in front of that bastard. He'll cry in front of someone who's his friend.
Lick your...what, honey?
@Origami Onigiri: That's not true! I managed to comment before Quadrant one time!
@YukixKaname1: @MegaAnimeFreak7: Glad my sarcasm could bring some amusement.
"Error in judgment"? Was she born intersex, or am I reading more into the wording than I should?
No, sweetie. He just wants you to wear a gag so he doesn't have to hear you. <3
No, Taisuke, Hiro isn't hungry. XD
So, almost a year goes by, and SmackJeeves FINALLY starts working for me again. *celebration* But I agree with Naomi, what a b***h!
@Quadrant: Well, we have seen that Aki can kick major butt when he needs to. Remember back around the time he got kidnapped? Though, he's probably a bit rusty on that front by now.
Vampire? XD Well, good page for Halloween, then.
"Hawlloween"? Sorry, the Grammar Nazi on me was distracted from the sweet booty by the misspelling.

EDIT: So distracted I didn't even notice my own typo. ^^; Thanks for fixing that. Now I can happily stare at his strawberry buns without my mind buzzing about typos.
That last panel...That look just says "So you don't mind if I lick your back now?"
Mict...looks utterly disgusted by the thought of Tez getting his claws on Metz...even if he doesn't quite know wtf Mr. Bone Foot here's talking about.
@k_chichan: Dear, sweet Sebastian. Was that a Kuroshitsuji reference?
Well, someone's insecure.
1&2 seem least likely.
Why do I have a feeling he's about to call BS on the whole "my hometown" thing?
I frickin' KNEW it!