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18. Im in the US army.
Tankers lead the way.
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    Joseph Kassabian
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the coloring didn't turn out very well. but i'm working on fixing it.

I know i spelled Lebanon wrong. I notcied like 10 seconds ago.
the chapter is wraping up.

and no i dont support hezzbollah in anyway.
I mass-uploaded all these pages in one day so this would catch up with the drunk duck mirror. so here we go! i hope you like it.
wow its been awhile. Everything in this strip is true. I puked all over my commanding was probably the worst thing i could ever do to the poor guy. It was his second day in command of our unit. I took the time to carfully draw all my patches and awards that i wear...and they turned out looking terrible.

Whats with the ink splatter you ask? It makes for a cheap effective backround. no?

this will be my last update for about 2 weeks. Im going on leave and back to michigan tomorrow morning. So merry chrismashanakwanzaka to all.
And to whatever Muslims celebrate, happy that thing to.

peace,love, and penguins.
Well its my first comic that is a part of the one before it. I hope its not to bad. I know its been a few comics since i've had someone blow up or something. But don't worrie my friends, if its submorphic violence you want....well you may have to wait a bit longer.

I finally bought FF 3 for my Nintendo DS. I'm probably going to start playing it after i'm done posting my comics tonight.
best. death. ever.
i love HL2 this comic sounds good.
number 20!

anyway, Im sure you notice the diffrence in the art. This is the first comic using my new tablet for inking.
It took me a suprisingly long time to finish this page.

anyway what do you think of the new fangled inking?
good looking style.
ha thats awesome!
i would love to take part in something like this. Drop me a PM if your doing another
I know its been while. but iam back if you cared to notice.

I hate to get involved in the "console war" which AOTS hosts say is a civil war, i'm with them, because they are on tv. but anyway...
It seems some people have a little problem handling their Wii (haha). TVs have been busted, windows killed, and i would guess at least one guy ate a wiimote after a heated game of wii sports.

I own a Wii, and let me say i don't see how this happens. Its not really THAT hard to keep a grip on the little albino wiimote.

oh yes and of course...the "wii elbow"

i wonder when they will come out with the "xbox love handles".

vote,comment, enjoy
Yes, its a fact. to much goth poetry will make you bleed out of your orifices and explode your head.

I finally got new inking pens so i hope the lines start to work better,

no new news,oh! i beat call of duty 3.

still working on Gears Of War. Damn its hard.
Holmes is the man
I've been lazy the last few days. So i havn't updated. I've been balls deep in Gears Of War and Call Of Duty 3. if you have a 360 i suggest you pick them up.

i also went out and bought the Thats My Bush serise box set. Its only 8 episodes long but its pretty damn funny. Its a sitcom about the bush family inside the white house made by matt and Trey, the same guys who make South Park. One of the greatest moments of cinimatic history comes from the 3rd episode when george bush is chased around while hes wear full plate mail by a grizzly bear with a loaded rifle.

pure greatness.
This is pretty much just a showcase for my new style. I came up with this in about ten to fifteen seconds, as im sure you can tell.
I think this style looks a little better, less like retarded ghosts and more like retarded humans.

Well as you can see Timmy and Larry are quite a bit older. Yes for you who liked this for mindless violence...well you'll still get it. But now there will be slight story and other things that i suck at.

every time you don't vote or comment...i dont get said vote or comment. think of me?
i wonder how he fit that squid thing in that box?

Things are starting get get a little cleaner on my panels i think, im still screwing with PS all the time. I havn't slept in 26 hours, so im a little tired, i just got off 2 guard watch...and i posted this before i passed out.

and the caption on the final panel says it was 2am when i drew this, its weird because i don't remember writing that...
For some reason i rather like this one pager. I hope you do also.
Im not off work as i post this im on my lunch break, i have the next few comics already drawn, i think you will like them if you like squid things and mass murder. And i trust that you do.

I hope im not copying off of lord of war because theirs a gun in my comic!

Said artist says im stealing work from Jhonen Vasquez. "its just as violent as his"
a direct freaking quote. I didnt know it was possible to copyright violence.
haha good one.

i just found this comic and i love harvest moon...

so in short, i love this comic.