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Mike J.
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Perhaps I'm jumping the proverbial gun here, but are people actually stating that in real life, you would keep your mouth shut, thereby allowing two of your best friends to keep driving their lives into the ground just to fulfill a romantic and/or sexual conquest?

Because if I do have that straight, that is lowness of the... er, highest caliber.
Godwin's Law in two comments in less. You go, internet.
"It was quite the thing. I have many stories."
I'm stealing Peter's response in Panel 4 for my epitaph. Seriously, that's being added to my will as we speak.
Now we just need to decide how we want pRick spelled in the unofficial PoY lexicon. pRick, P!Rick, or (p)Rick?
To everyone out there in Twistworld, let me just say you guys have to be the most impressive, literate, just darn level-headed internet commenters I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Well done.

Now that said, we still haven't seen enough of Rick to make a final call on his behavior. Misguided? Perhaps. Rick the Dick? Too soon for me to say.

And finally? Screw Rick and screw him good. I need me some Wiley action. Can I get a hollah back now?