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I keep coming back and re-reading this scene over and over, and what really gets me is that Sooch was the one to move. He was the one to lean in closer, and that just.... Shit, man, it really gets me.
September 14th, 2019
Kfhkgjslgu DANG IT I'M SO CURIOUS FOR HIS REACTION BUT NOW I GOTTA WAIT ANOTHER WHOLE WEEK AGAIN. Also I love what a blushy boy Howie is kthskfhekth
THEY'RE SO CUTE and I'm so happy they're safe and together again ; w ;
Please enjoy your break and take care not to overwork yourselves! <33
The thing that boggles me about Kim being cold and distant to him and seemingly believing it's his fault, is that his injuries CLEARLY show he was seriously assaulted and beat up???? Like?????? What else would all that bruising be??? Kim you absolute fucking dumbass
Kfhskfhskd nOW KISS
..... Oh no........
Oh dear... It can look like Kylee went and smoked and that's what caused the shed to burn down, but I'd like to think that's not what Kim's thinking, given that Ky has clear signs of a bad beating... A lot of y'all seem to think he's angry because Ky put himself in danger, and I am hoping that's it.

Either way, we've been shown time and time again that Kim's main secondary feeling is anger-- which, honestly?? No matter WHAT he's accusing Ky of here, I swear he's mainly angry because he was worried half to death until they knew he was in a stable condition. Gods what I wouldn't give to see his side of this, of finding him in the fire.......
I KNEW IT!!!!!!
That ADHD feel huh
......... Holy shit??????
Y'know, if you'd told me however many years ago it was I started reading this comic that I would grow to like and sympathize with Louie as much as I do now, I'd have scoffed or just straight up laughed. I HATED him at the beginning, but he has grown so so much and learned to be better as a person and as a brother and he might not be there yet where he's a GOOD person or brother, but I see his struggles, and I know a fraction of the burden he carries. And good lord I love him and only want him to be happy at the end of all this, along with all the others. And that? That is really well written character development. Thank you, for writing, illustrating and sharing this comic for so many years-- it's become a part of my life and I can't imagine who I'd be without it. <333
ASKGGKGGHBGJJ C U T E!!!! Y'know, this relationship grew from something so incredibly unhealthy and unbalanced into something so wholesome and beautiful and???? I love it so much
He's such a good boy??? ; n ;
(Also, I think you accidentally wrote "hom" instead of "him")
Jfbakdhakdh god I wonder how fast his heart is beating right now
Kylee actually looks really cute in the cowboy hat??? I don't think he agrees, but damn the boy makes it work!
bury me with that panel too please oh my goodness
Noooooo, I'm finally up to date!! How could this happen?! I've been reading this comic for SO LONG now, and this is the first time I managed to make it to the latest page! Wow! It's been interesting to see your art style evolve and improve, I have to say, as well as your storytelling in general. There were times when these character were so lovey dovey with each other that I actually felt resentful (I'm single and bitter about it, please forgive me pfft) but they're just too adorable, ugh <3
Thank you so much for this wonderful story so far! It's been a pleasure for the... what, two years?? That i've been reading it. I really adore all the characters and the style and the story and just. EVERYTHING. So yeah. Okay. It's half past four AM and I've written enough sappy stuff ohgosh. I'm going to bed BUT I LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT PAGE OKAY BYE