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My soul sister Waffles drew this for me!! :D
I lovee itttt<3
its funny that i have all of these pictures of Moe, and shes not even the main character xD
-main characters best friend-
Ruru>Thank you <3
Line-chan>AHH! thankyou!! :D I'm a big fan of yours!!!~<33
Fallen>You're art isnt crap<3
I'm just...wierd o__o;;;
my friend has bright oragne hair :D
so yeah, there are people.
I love your artwork!<3
goddamn you skye, the whale shark section is by far the best section everrrrr u_u
yeahh, another filler.
sorry :<
Ruru and Fallen, thank you very much!
:D I really appreciate it!

Okay, this Character is Moe,
she's 17.
and yeah, she's pregnant<33
She's one of my favorite characters (:
i did this in under 2 minutes probably -__-''
yeah, its pretty bad (:
I'm lazyyy ):
yes please :D
pm it to me?
Fallen, omg.<33

@Rura: YOU WOULD?!?! :D<33
that means you get to read ahead (:

I'm a perfectionist too ^^'
which is why i tend to redo a whole bunch of stuff i draw ^^;;;

and if you're willing to tone, i dont care how long it would take :D
I'm really slow at this u_u sorry,
I am unable to tone my pages (as i have no program to do it on the computer)
and handtoning is expensiveXD;;

So if you're ever able to tone a page or two for me, id be very grateful! xD;;

I would be sure to make it up to you in some way (:

<3 thankyou.
btw, this is a sloppy filler o___o
I'm doing a better cover page by hand

colored pencils, watercolor, and inked in (:
you made my dayy (:
oh my god,
if you didnt freaking like it,
why are you still reading.

its not like your manga isnt

kikirini aside,
I really love this and how its turning out
fuck off kikirini.