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...Chip's disguise has no mouth
@Claude: Pretty sure all the water where they come from is made of acid so I don't know how they're supposed to bathe.
I'd say this is going to turn into a Team Derek/Team Andrew thing...but I'm not seeing anybody taking Andrew's side over here.
October 20th, 2013
I don't car how much more logical the car sex theory is. The ferris wheel theory made me laugh, I'm going for the ferris wheel theory.
"Just don't do anything stupid, okay?"

And what is the first thing he does? Something pretty stupid.
In panel 4 the mirror lines go from Kaito's face to the guy's ass and as it was the first time the mirror streaks showed up on the page I had to look at it a few times before I realized that wasn't meant to be Kaito's eyes roaming.