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Yo! Name's Christonyx, but you can call me Chris or Onyx for short.

I hope to have many comics here, and not crap out on them!
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@kevansevans: It's a nose with a shadow on the left side. The middle point is the tip of the nose.
Yeah, it's very unclear what she did. I know she raises and drops her hand, but the attack centralizes from the monster's mouth. There's no directional movement to reinforce her arm drop delivering the attack. Be careful with that. Clarity is key.
@Zetsumeimaru: @Missing:
Shadow's talking about how the speech bubbles with her dialogue are normal, indicating a regular speaking voice. They're suggesting having a different type of bubble to show that her voice is being amplified throughout the Colosseo.
@The_mad_one: Colored statues. People have linework/lineart in them.
Good Page
However, in the fourth and sixth panels, he grabs her hand with his left hand; but in the last panel, he's holding her hand with his right hand. Consistency is a thing, my friend.
Comic 420. Blaziken.
Nice coloring on this page.
It looks like he's creating a black hole. If that happens, then it's gonna be a catastrophe.
Typo in panel 5?
Did you just quote the friggin' theme song, George?