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All of my comics are going to get a complete overhaul since they're so old and my art has gotten A LOT better.
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This is by far my favorite character. And you guys will eventually see why. :] I have an obbession with fire, just keep that in mind.

Any way. Rune will be part of the story come the next page.

YES IT'S A BOY. <3333

And just a quick note... I don't think I'll be toning anything on the computer any I'll probably just tone what I can by hand.... I hate toning. ee;
This page is just... ugh.

I didn't feel much like drawing that's why it took forever to get out...x.x;;;

This ia filler...I guess. I did it last night. xD

You can expect a page later today. I'll do it later after some sleep. <3333

Omg so many fans already. ;A;
Yush. x3 There's going to be lotsa smut...

Because... I SAID SO. XD But yaaaaay~ so many little fans and only page one. ;A; I feel so special.
Hands = not my forte.

My bodies need work that's the main reason I'm ding this comic. xD

AND! The stuff in the corners of both of their mouths is blood. <3
Tanuki is the shorter one. Hakkyou is the taller one.

They don't come into the story later, but enjoy looking at their evil little cuteness. :3

Yeah they work for the bad guy. =o

EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention they're one of the two sets of yaoi pairs in the story. :3 Since my brother doesn't like yaoi and he's helping me with the story line this is just an add in between me and you guys. xDDDD
xD I love the foot prints on the body.
I think I'll fav this.

Dir en grey is my top fav band. ;D