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I layout, draft and write for Homosmores.

I am also very squishy.
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you guys can punch me now! I swear, I'll try to make up for the lost time... 。゜(`Д´)゜。

We haven't updated for a month and it's entirely my fault but I'll see if I could bug A into helping me do a thing related to this!
Sorry for the delay, everybody! I'll be giving you all a heads up if a hiatus comes by next time.

This page marks the start of a change in POV, by the way! And we'll be seeing a different side to everyone as well...especially the Landlady.

((shoutout to the fabulous person irl who inspired her, by the way!))

As usual, we love comments! Tell us what you expect to happen in the next few updates! (Besides...updates. *nervous sweating*)
I won't even bother questioning the 20 new fans since the last update.

Might (FINALLY) update the news area if the site later or tomorrow. There's a ton of ideas circulating around here, though we'll probably leave a few more.

Comments are loved as usual! (・∀・)ノ゛ They're a major source of strength to us, mind you.
Cool, Important Things.
First on the agenda: Co-author and illustrator of the comic, A (garbodor here on smackjeeves), has recently put up her own webcomic, The Plant Encyclopedia! Check it out!

Second: We've reached the end of the first chapter, as well as a hundred fans :') I'm ready to cry! (and when I say cry, I actually mean party.) Thanks for your continued support with our webcomic despite its slow start, everybody!

We might make a facebook page for it or something, if you guys are into that sort of thing. And we'll update the dusty old tumblr page, too.

What are your first impressions on Peter? Come on and tell us in the comments!
@K.E.Kessler: Haha, thank A (garbodor) for those art charming skills! I just draft and write~ ヽ(ಥ∀ಥ )ノ

@HoshinaYuki-chan: Believe me, it will get even more interesting when the next update rolls in! *(*´∀`*)☆

@M-24: Ah, who knows? Sometimes it is a good sign! gyohoho~ (But yeah, for this situation...)
Ah, it's almost Thurdsay here in the Philippines...! But here we go, I kept remembering today was important but I kept forgetting why. ヽ(✿´∀`✿)ノ

Anyhoo, here's the update! A's classes have finally started, but I don't have mine until later on.

The next update is a week away and I there's lots of time to kill, so please feel free to comment! ask questions! stuff like that. I'll get to responding right away. (≖ ´ ᗢ `≖ )ノシ

Even just one comment from the 85 of you would be great huuhuu
Early update! :0
How does "Wednesday updates" sound? says the loser updating on a Monday. I'll be on a trip for the next three days so I wanted to bring this week's update sooner, rather than later ;v;

A's classes are drawing closer while mine are...still a bit far off. Hopefully we get to pull off Wednesday updates... *soft sigh*

In comic related news, though, meet Eric! He was kind of hidden in the background in recent panels, but now he gets a bit of the spotlight! ...Much to his disdain.
We still don't have a final update schedule :v but you can bet things will get pretty interesting soon!
We've gone past the 50 fan mark... I'm a little overwhelemed. Anyway, A and I might go for a page or two a week but still haven't finalized out update schedule yet. :0

Since I can't really determine how the next few months will affect progress, I'm trying to get a head start with the next few pages! We've got page five done, and the next three in the works!

As usual, comments are appreciated! It won't be too long until we bump into a certain tenant! ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ Stay tuned, guys!
So, we've started putting up pages yesterday and got some help getting the word around thanks to our good pal atds0724! ヽ(✿´∀`✿)ノ thanks so much babe bless your soul!

We've got only two pages, but almost twenty fans...even if we don't have a proper update schedule planned out yet. Hopefully things get to run smoothly here~

Anyway, thank you all for taking interest in our little project! We appreciate feedback and the like, and we'll do our best to make this comic rock ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Hyahoo! Krissy out!