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I like to draw. I like to read books and watch movies. :0)
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July 7th, 2007
Took a lonnng time to create this page. Hope it was worth the wait!
Tried for a different style on this one.

Your comments and favers should go to!!! If you don't have an account there, MAKE one!!!
Yep, she is!
It's blood indeed. :-)
Took me forever to make this.

Anyway, enjoy! :-) Comments, faves and all are much appreciated!
Thanks much! You'll be getting to know him very soon... ;-)
This is funny stuff. :-)
Very funny. :-P Love the strip!
This art is better than 90% of what I've seen on SJ. Wow. @_@
I'm faving this for the art style alone. Grats to you for being different. =)
Promising. :-) I think you'd like Nadya...
-Love- the style. I can't stress how great it is to see something new. Faving!!
Lovely flame effects.
I'm loving the time-travel.
Noir vampire tale? It's -so- good to see something new. I'm faving this, so keep up the good work!
Right, so this was a concept design I spent the better half of a day creating. I tried to get across her personality as best I could in the limited amount of space and time given. In the end, I think she came out decent...
Charming character you've got here so far. I'm liking this! :-)
Cute run so far. I'm liking this. :-)
Excellent job on this series. You've got yourself another fan here.