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*is still not dead yet*
Wow, I haven't seen this one before... a very interesting style and concept.
September 7th, 2006
Lovely colours!
Long time no see! Sigh, I still like your art <3.
A 3 rating... say wha? Whoever gave it, you're either an asshole or your tastes in comics can be summed up in two words, 'sonic' and 'sprites'.
Ninja Boy cosplay: <img></img& gt;
Thank you very much Forky :D! That's made my month.
Old friends
Yes it's been a while.

I would like to say now that this isn't just a comic about yey detectives, it's personal. It's about vengence and justice and fighting tooth and nail with all your heart to spit fire and take down every god damn killer (be it of body, mind or soul) in a world where so often evil is quick, quiet and punishment free.

It's about getting back up and being the beautiful one you wanted to be, to claw back your humanity and dust off the guilt and shame, the insecurities and self-doubt, from your shoulders and walk towards that sunset in triumph, dragging that bloodied sword of your own self-worth behind you. It's about living on.

The detective coming back to life to solve her own murder is the healing process in it's most literal, darkest form.

This is personal.

Updates are coming and they always will be.

I thank you for your patience and loyalty.

~ The Author/Artist
O rly? ya rly! No wai!!

Aww, cute mangA style =D..... not mange o_o good lord, what a terrible typo!
Heheheheh niiiice.
Deeennis, awwww...
February 28th, 2006
This is such a cool cover. Kiiiiller pose!
Gorgeous =D.
Big surprise from the lady with a Catwoman icon =D.
Hehehehehehehhe, yay for Star Wars.
What a blood effect!
A very nasty turn O_o. I'm all for Rouge, but eeeeeeee!
Siiiiiigh, Rouge <3.
I've been hesitant to rejoin DD... and I no longer need to now, since I have a beautiful new site. I've lost 3!! comics at DD O_O. It's... I love the site dearly, but, it's been hard convincing myself to return. Lost comics, money and friends there. Sometimes it's best to let things go...

Thanks always for the comments, everyone =D. They really drive me to put out more and better stuff!