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Just visiting.
Pretty stupid, I'm gonna be honest.
Go DT! Kick her ass!
Rat and Danceweed are the best.
I like the contributions of the spectators.
@HIdden: That's not what exploitation means.

He took advantage of her misfortune to coerce her into doing something she didn't want.
Oh, Chris.
@Claude: Not because he's ugly. Because he exploited her and wasn't who she thought he was.
I like your style, H0ly.
Yeah, so this guy's hair is black. Rumple's hair was blonde.
@Claude: This is Rumple. The guy back in the present day is Goldweaver McDouchebag.
Yeah... This totally isn't Goldweaver McDouchebag.
I bet Rat's going to try to help. He's seen what Pikachu's are capable of, and probably wants to prove himself to Atty.
It's a laugh-a-minute here on H0ly's comics!
That doesn't sound good.
I don't think she's going to be inclined to use her league-authorized trainer battle pokemon.
I don't like the vagueness of the word 'they.'
"He who puts his trust in the Outsider grasps at water and drowns"
-Litany on the White Cliff
Hey, gratitude! It's a start, anyway.
That was a fun sequence!