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Reading, writing,some photography here and there, and gaming. I've recently found out through DA I like...ok I LOVE the whole G/T (giant/tiny) genre. I love my anime/manga, more so anime.

I absolutely enjoy drawing, though I don't do it much, slowly I'm trying to better myself, when I have spare time -___- which is rare now-a-days.

I just like being creative and silly, and sharing my imagination and ideas with everyone.
And there she goes! Tiara completely oblivious to everything and the world :3 so cute
Phew!! i just read all those chapter in 1hr 40min and yet I sit here at almost 2 in the morning wanting more. This comic of yours is awesome. I'm hooked!!
>.< DAT FACE!!! poor girl.
And you've done bad things to her Ephi??? *le gasp* whatever could that mean 0.0 he referring to the stealing her away in his mouth scenes???
Woo! I finally caught up. I was a little sad that you decided to start all over, but hey if you need a fresh start to keep moving on, then do what you have to do girl :)Your comic was the reason why i decided to make an account ^__^ so it would be easier to follow u. *cough cough* Sorry I'm just now commenting. Love Tiara n Elgor <3 :3