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Hello! Here's some stuff about me:

Name: Rhiannon
Grade: Now in 11th
Nation: Texas, USA
Band: I'm a big fan of rock music though
Fav Animal: Panda
Food: Chicken, Spaghetti, Pickles
Soda: Dr. Pepper makes my world go round
Videogame: Pokemon, Digimon, and Harvest Moon games
System: DS Lite!
Fav Color: PURPLE!!!
Fav Genre: Romance, followed by Comedy
Fav Movie: Ghost Rider
Fav Tv Show: M*A*S*H is pretty good!
Fav Face: XD
Car I want to drive: I WANT A MINI COOPER!!!
Writer or Artist: Writer and Editer

I've read TONS of shoujo manga, and I also love certain kinds of shounen! =D
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I like Atty's hair like that, though. :)
Why is it everytime I put my mouse over the picture to read what you wrote, I can't stop laughing?
You had to... You had to do the "They're eating her-" bit. I lose my shit everytime I even think about that scene. "OH MY GOOOOOODDDDD"
Oooh! I love their style! So pretty!

Oh, the jokes already been made. D:

Wah! Lots of updates! Awesome!
adadfasdflkajsdf Yay~ :3 I love this comic so much, it's ridiculous.
December 29th, 2010
OH EM GEEE~ Just found this! I love your art style! So cute! :)
NOOO! I caught back up with the pages. I am seriously addicted to this comic. Please don't stop! ;__; <3
Ariel~ You should have beaten him more.

And Ouran High School Host Club is pretty cool! =D I was watching it when it was still being aired in Japan and I remember having to wait every Wendsday for a new subbed episode on Youtube. Haha.
My best friend and I are Yu Yu Hakusho fans! :) Gotta love it!
My sister and I can (sadly) sing most of the Tenacious D songs... >,>"

Okay... so Eric got advice from his brother (the flirt) and now the only thing I want them to do is MAKE OUT!
I want a shirt with that last panel on it... 8D
XD I love Ghastly's face in the second panel! <3
Ahahha! You got me! April Fools is also my dad's birthday, so for years now I've been wondering... Is his birth just one big joke? Lawl! XD

The sad thing about the voting was that 3/4ths of me believed you... T-T
Lol, I may like 2/3 things listed about, but I still like Jesus killing Dinosaurs too~! ^_^
Wow, thanks Brian! You being shot in the head while wearing a dinosaur outfit has made my day a bit better. ^_^