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Ignore this guy ^

He's just butthurt.

Your so good at spriting.
@abro: Or he could do that.
Hopefully you get to fixing the shading on the sprites.
I don't like the second or first one that much, although the second one might be better.

The light source on the shirts and shoes are wrong, the gloves on both of them are too damn bright. and the cuffs on the gloves aren't even shaded. And use a different color than blue.

The blue just reminds me of Sonic.

now hurry up and put my pm on here.

I just noticed that this is a ripoff of Mario vs Sonic vs Mega Man.

@SanicTheFag: Wannabe Newfag Troll- I mean Sanic pls.

@Omnimon630A: Trollbait- I mean Omni pls.
beep beep

i r teh computrz

beep beep
@Ryjora: We had dropped the conversation about him being a recolor. We be talking about some not-overused animals.

@Syogren: Muddy.

How is that even relevant to what we're talking about.

Or was talking about.
Where the hell is a tornado when you need it?
And suddenly, war breaks out.
I can't believe you people would vote for the most overrated anime chars ever.

I'm voting for Ichigo.
@Lugbzurg: lolwat

How is that even possible.
@bre the ishurna walf: guest who's ttly not Bre, plz.
i ish dummest on teh planetz.
I hereby conclude

that this is purple

because Koffing is purple.
Well, actually its 51, since one of those fans is my old account.