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I LOVE drawing comics and drawing in general, digitally.

Also: loves to read and write when I have the time; sleeping in late; sweets but is diabetic (ugh). I insanely require and protect/love my privacy. My hobbies are download binge-ing, watching anime and other cult classic movies & series, and cartoons, and of course, how can I forget, living inside my head. (That's it right?) Oh yes, I love coffee (because who doesn't want something less of cocaine that can give you that everyday kick to be alive for a maximum of 5hrs, until you need another cup and/or some fucks are actually given, miraculously). (yep that's it)
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Saturday Update!
Me when I realise I have work tomorrow at bloody 6 AM sharp: [Josef's face at the 6th panel]

Hey'all! Head's up on the next page which might be a bit late, if not next Tuesday then mehbeh Wednesday...Definitely next week.

Stay young, folks!
Flashback~Verse pt.iii (verses 10, 11, 8)
Hey'all! Another 1pg update for you.
Have this flashback!
It's about the 2nd disappearance that happened 10 yrs. ago in the BM club. Lawyers and the media are straining.

The poem is Song Of Nature by Ralph Waldo Emmerson, the verses above are as follows: 10, 11, 08

(poem transcript)
x. But he, the man-child glorious,--
Where tarries he the while?
The rainbow shines his harbinger,
The sunset gleams his smile.

xi. My boreal lights leap upward,
Forthright my planets roll,
And still the man-child is not born,
The summit of the whole.

viii. What time the gods kept carnival,
Tricked out in star and flower,
And in cramp elf and saurian forms
They swathed their too much power.

All credit for the verses goes to R.W. Emmerson.
Another Update!
Woooh! Another update!

Hey'all! It seems I'm planning on 1 page per update, but this can be changed if my will and day-offs go as planned, hehe.

Well anyways, enjoy the page!
Expect the poem-flashback next update too!

Stay young folks!

Hey y'all! I've found the time and finished this. I hope I can be consistent this time. I mean this chapter has encompassed 2 years and it still hasn't concluded yet! And you can bet the pages shall go over 100!

Honestly guys, I really want to finish this chapter so that I can showcase the other meaty parts of the whole series; I mean, a dozen or so characters haven't been introduced yet. That's why I'm already cutting out some floppy edges and going straight to the main bits. Hoooooooh..... but not to worry (me), by the end of the 4th checkpoint that'll be the end of the 1st part!

So please do bear with me. \( ='w'= )/
And do expect another update by next week, not sure if on Wed or Sat. Hmm. Stay tuned!

Stay young folks!
Hey @BananaUhl! so glad you noticed that haha, haaaa oh the early days. ~(=w=*)~
:: filler ::
Okay, so there's 1 good news: my art software is fine now. The hiatus holds still, sorry.

I'm still working (literally) and on things so that I can ease my "comic-making time".

Until then!
Hey y'all!
As you've read above Sakura Day will once again be under hiatus and might go one for 1 or 2 months.
(Wow this chapter is taking a year to finish, I'd surprise myself if I can finish it before I reach my 30s. **sarcastic scoff**)

I've been working and it has sucked all my vital energies, but I am working on managing my work time and comic-making time (please don't mention my day offs, they're cramped too with other personal agendas).

Also, more importantly, my the art software is having a major problem and I can't use it normally. I am fixing it presently.

So until then folks!
Filler :: Art & Dorothy, the other couple
Hey! It's the other team, Art+Dorothy! Just a filler for y'all. Aren't they a fast pair, that's cuz they're already so comfortable with each other they have no more problems that hinder their progress, at least nothing that major. (Lina+TJ are civil and cute, but they're both too bashful of one another; then there's Josef+Meija, they're still working on it...)

They're both in their mid-twenties. Been patrons of the Benoite Massingale Club for 5 years. Dorothy and Art are childhood sweethearts and childhood friends. They're part of a project I've been meaning to construct 2 years ago. That's all I can share for now because some details aren't fleshed out properly and some are spoiler-material.

You can ask me any trivial question about these two!
UPDATE! ***\(>w<)/***
Hey y'all! Been over a month since I've updated, hehe. It's kinda funny that the comic page title is ironic to my excuse and present conditions of my comic update schedule.

You see, I've been busy with work lately (9-6, m-f) and I can only have the weekends to rejuvenate and do my hobbies. It's kinda limiting and I'm afraid my update schedule might drag (longer than today), since I'm planning on taking grad school. I just really hope I can finish chapter 13 within the following months!

For now, I've finished this page thinking about y'all! Hope you all like it.
(I'm aware, the story is dragging but it's meant to be detailed and rung out in some scenes to obtain an effect.) I'll be so happy if I can finish this chapter. I own the fault that I didn't prepare this chapter pre-production prudently , but I'm learning the ropes.

Please bear with me!

Stay young, folks!
Happy New Year Folks!
Guess what the colour of 2018 is~

Still alive, I am. I. Am. So. Sorry. Again, I'm sorry I couldn't upload new pages, the internet at home was down for three days and my laptop's battery is getting funny. Hey even this little greeting of mine is 2 days late, haha. (**harshly whisper oneself**get your shit together!)

** Oh, if you're wondering why this gif is grainy, well that's what happens when an image with tons of colours & gradients is converted into a gif in photoshop (I don't hate photoshop though, just is); this is the highest dither(quality) with the lowest size. **

Anyways!Hooray it's 2018 and you survived everything from 2017! Keep on going, mate! I'll be posting next week, I just pray my laptop won't die on me soon.
<img src=" ar_greeting_2018_by_minightrose12-dbyo28n.png">
See you all soon!
Stay Young!
Late Update!
But seriously guys the pedalo/paddle boat can be challenging at first! We took a ride in one shaped like a swan and it didn't even have a steer, mind you. Yeah, we spent our time trying to change course, stuck in one direction, backed up in the pond's corner bushes; by the time we finally did unstuck ourselves, our time was up. *Sigh* Those were fun times.

Hey y'all! Sorry it's late but hey! here's a page if you will. (I'll try to catch up now!)
Hey! Let me hear your experience with the same wretched-contraption-of-a-boat/pedalo/paddle boat!
Enjoy the rest of the week!
Late Saturday Update!
Sorry y'all for updating only this weekend; we just moved into the city and we had some tight days (ie. no access to the net and space to finish the page)--same song, same verse.
But ANYWAY! Here's A page! I don't think I can promise anything for now, but I'll post when I can. I'll try to pick the pace up in this chapter (3 years huh? wow).

Wish me luck anyhow.
I just want to notify y'all that Sakura Day update schedule shall be changed to every Saturday and Tuesday/Wednesday.

So there won't be an update tomorrow. Expect Tuesday or Wednesday (between those days, I'm still managing).

Enjoy the weekend folks!
Here's the promised update from yesterday!

If there are any comments or constructive criticisms, please feel free to speak out and I shall reply if deemed prudent.

'Til Next Weekend, folks!
Hey'all! How's it been? I miss doing this, and I'm so glad I can update now. I'll try to maintain it once and for all. I like sharing my comics, and if there's any constructive criticism, then I can handle 'em. (share me your thoughts)

There's another page update tomorrow Sunday too, now don't you miss it!
Have a great weekend folks!
A Come Back! the kid is back...
Hey guys it's been a really long while. (6 months right? Wow.)

Anyways I'm glad to be able to make comics again after my previous ordeal! Whew! (but the hiatus for me was worth it after all those plans done--not that I'm saying i like hiatuses).
Just like what I posted in my tumblr and in my devart, <h4> I shall be resuming comic posting by the end of November.</h4> By that I mean: this upcoming saturday, Nov. 25, 2017. Yes, I'll be updating on Saturday AND Sunday. So watch out, folks.

Perhaps the colour scheme and descriptions point as to who that is, if you can still remember the previous pages from this. And I bet you may have an inkling as to whose hand the upper forearm belongs to.

I have to confess though, it'll be long before that scene catches on, but I assure you that it is within this chapter(13). For now the road is more focused on Meija and Josef's journey through Astra's relay race (more like obstacle race, though). Be sure to stick around when the hidden monster-thingy appears! I promise action. (I'll have to make comics twice the time now to catch up on the many more pages to come; because of some potential obstacles in the future, I want to give y'all a heads up that the updating schedule might just move to the weekdays, and if it does, I'll make sure to post twice on the weekdays. Phew!) So keep an eye out y'all!

Visit me in Tumblr at (I swear that'll be the last time the blog name changes) and my DevArt at (this though may change, I'm not a core member so I can't change my name and I'll probably make a new account for devart though. I'll notify when it comes to that.) I post Sakura Day art there that I do not post here, the comics, and other things as well, so if you're interested please check them out!

* * * * *

Textures and the butterfly picture are not mine, but some things I found in google.

Have a great week, folks!
<h3> Creator's Notes </h3>
Here's a lighter page contrasting what came before. I plan on making 3 or 4 parts of those "flashbacks", because its a subplot of the chapter and it's fun (it's shorter and needs less to no words at all, which makes it a challenging job). Idk if i mentioned it before, but the poem is called Song of Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson. (Having written that, I just remembered Josef already mentioned it several pages back. But meh, i'll just leave it here.)

As you can observe from the page above and the previous pages that displayed the Benoite Massingale Club's vicinity, it lacks--in search for a better word--in people. Well, that's because the BM club is strictly exclusive to people that meets the criteria set up by the widowed founder, Benoite Clarissa Massingale. It's not an A-list kind of criteria, just so you know. But i'm not going to elaborate it since it's not that important to the story. All I can say is that the members are carefully chosen, because they are "special to some groups of people" and that they're significant contributors.

If you're still wondering on how they squeezed that miniature boat in a balloon's narrow mouth. Well they just used a big funnel or ring (whichever) and let the elastic lips of the balloon's mouth wrap around it. Then they carefully squeezed it in there, without breaking or splitting the almost thin and elastic skin of the balloon. I just made that up as I wrote this.
Also if you notice the colours of the balloons, you'll notice it corresponds to the colour-theme of the female in the group. There's no male-hating on my part nor portrayed in my comic, just that I like pastel & candy colours. And that having dark blue, hunter green, and maroon coloured balloons doesn't seem an appealing nor realistic sense of what real balloons are. I mean, c'mon have you ever seen a hunter green balloon? ...maybe there is, but that's NOT what I wanted.

To note: if you're a keen observer on Meija and Josef's interactions, you might have noticed these glowing things floating near them. It happens when their moment is mutual, not just for the sake of touching. I wanted to bring it up because it has meaning to what this story entails. (actually, a lot more meaning. You wouldn't believe it if I tell you. That's why i'm going to ease those symptoms in to make sense as a whole, when it all concludes.)

That's it for my creator's explanation bit.
Saturday Update!
Hey guys!
Play this video of the song Undone, Undress by Marika Hackman , album: We Slept At Last . The song is under her copyright.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" autostart="true" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I fell in love with her album That Iron Taste , and I urge you to try it! When I was doing this comic page, I thought of this song, and then I thought it had the heaviness and atmosphere I wanted to bring on the flashback of the page. So here I embed this on. Enjoy!

Scheduled update tomorrow!

The poem is Song Of Nature by Ralph Waldo Emmerson, the verses above are as follows: 03, 04, 05

(poem transcript)
iii. No numbers have counted my tallies,
No tribes my house can fill,
I sit by the shining Fount of Life,
And pour the deluge still;

iv. And ever by delicate powers
Gathering along the centuries
From race on race the rarest flowers,
My wreath shall nothing miss.

v. And many a thousand summers
My apples ripened well,
And light from meliorating stars
With firmer glory fell.

All credit for the verses goes to R.W. Emmerson.

Edit (2018/07/01)
Sunday Update!
Here's the SUNDAY UPDATE as promised!

Nice to be back (^ v ^)/