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Hey there ~ I'm 21, female and from Germany. I'm extremly bad about writing over myself so... uh. ASK ME if you dare.!
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aaaawwwwwmygoood. *^* Look at his freckles <3<3<3<3<3
September 12th, 2014
Ice is a dog after all... and his behavior is just right :D
September 12th, 2014
Pffff :D you sure were a curious child.

Oh my... the way you draw animals is truly stunning. <3
this is just way too cute! x///x
August 25th, 2014
I just laughed so hard over this meme of yours.
everytime I hear or read the word "nephilim" I think about Devil May Cry :D
he looks so cute while watching andrew :D
Oh no!! what a poor bby! Q___Q Fight it!!
Ow he's been bitten :<
Ouuuh. A grizzly bear... niiiice <3 ~
Do you know the band "Rammstein"? :D They have a song with these lyrics: 'Wer ficken will muss freundlich sein' pfff. :D (in case you don't understand german: If you want to fuck - you'll have to be friendly. )

Oh and another song comes up in my mind: (Touch me from Samantha Fox)
aaaawwwhh look at this adorable face !! *A* xD "Teddy"... another hottie! ~
it's better than staying with his little creepy ghost-friend... :O

Aaaand it seems to me as if your art has improved a lot within the last two chapters... *-* love it!
but there's no "Jump" Button! :o he has to take the evil bad ghost way :<
Heh. With his pants down like that... this "can't you feel the earthquake" seems like a bad pick-up-line to me ... XD ~
oooooouuuuhhhhwwww poor bby....! *hugs* don't cry hun...!!
His weird...
you did a really great job on this page!! °o°
How beautiful!! *-*
The one with the pillow looks like a Koala :D How cuteeee ~

And the other one is a hotty :> ~~ want him!