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I was wrong........... :( YAY!!! I was wrong! :D However HOly always manages to bring us down to earth after a super cute page. Perhaps having a dead Rat Thing smacking into them from above?
Oh No!!!
Its too cute! Everyone remember what HOly does with cute things/scenes right? Although even if Dragon Thing blasts Atty I would still consider that cute! :)
This is the first Pokemon comic that I have seen that actually looks like a comic. I love the amount of detail in the backgrounds, and the expressions and emotions that you invoke with the colours you use, and lets face it I love the whole darned thing!!!
And now for something completely different.
I always read that sentence in John Cleese's voice. Lol! Monty Python, good times.

Oh and about the change. I love it, but I agree with most everyone else, its good for dramatic moments or another comic.