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hey there :D i finally managed to read it all yay xD
Your comic is really amazing, the art is perfectly matching the story an so much alive :) and the story itself is so well thought and im so damn curious what will happen next :D super high quality *_*
only one thing i have to say: sometimes the speech bubbles are not "in a row" so its soetimes a bit confusing maybe u care that a bit but its not fatal or something, maybe i did only notice because im tryin toget into the how-to of comics :)
keep going its so amazing! :D
i want that cape and these daggers! your charackter design is always so damn cool! *_*
aww :D
oh my god i love this page! i had to laugh :D give this crow a cookie! :)
awesome :3 :3
oh wow i love love love the story and your drawing style matches PERFERCT to it :) im really curious whtas coming next *_*
love it
i read it now for sevral times :D i really like it and enjoyseeing how you got better in all these pages :)
when there is coming more? *_*