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Ho no... That is one of my biggest weakness too...
So.... That was longer then expected... Since I've lost all my data on this comic I had to re-design all the effect so yeah... Next time should not take this long..
@Broktus: What Debate?
@Dastardly: Maybe.. All I have seen so far from her is pure selfishness.. I think she's a horrible person actually..
I don't know what Shun and Randall are talking about.. But I bet they arguing about who killed the most monster..
@SoulRaider116: It's really nice of you! My writer did a summary, I hope you like it!
@SoulRaider116: Thank you for getting a interest in our comic! You are not rude, don't worry, we appreciate comments, they help us improve. You are right, we should have a summary on our page. I was simply afraid it would spoiler to much in the case of this comic. But I'll talk to my writer about it! Thank you!
New characters!!
I try to make this one a week... Well new work and all.. see you soon!
How can you explain that to that cute little face D=
Strangly.. My boyfriend does that too.. I want to cut the sugar and the fat a little and he keep asking me if I want a Milkshake or Mc.Donald or things like that ><
Ho. That's what she meant by bloob sister..
I decided to post all my pages here, my Patreon doesn't work.. I'll wait until I have more fans..

She is also called The Red Demon in some country.. Guess why.
The glasses makes my laugh omg...
FINALLY! I can continue this thing..

You can see the others pages at Patreon at
I just realise she keep changing clothing in her dream..
@Takai: Well am french-canadian.. So I half exist?
Somewhere where they use Peso a person is trying to put a Quarter in a machine.

You can see the others pages at Patreon at