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I'm an alias, I do incognito things and quaff delicious secrets all day long. I'm using my real last name, though.
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The long-awaited next page! Thanks for your patience, folks.

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As I was typing, Paige was playing with the cats and a laser pointer, and was very excited that she managed to get both Lunabelle and Aleister to jump into the bathtub at the same time. Bathtub's not full, of course, but the cats like hanging out in there. Not sure how universal that is.

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It normally updates a couple of times a week. If it doesn't then that's usually related to the recurring frank and open discussion of depression that goes on around here fairly frequently. soon as it's done.

It'll be announced on the Facebook page when the next strip is up, so now's as good a time as any to click in to that. The big 'Facebook' button up at the top left of the site will take you to the NtK Facebook page.
It's there. After a heck of a lot of continuity errors, the cut finally settled on his left ear.
It's shorthand for 'quite a lot has happened between then and now'.
Memory War came out on Kindle! It came out yesterday and I'm about a third of the way through it already. The hero had the absolute crap knocked out of him in the last chapter, and given that reincarnation and past life memories are central to the trilogy, I'm starting to wonder if he's going to survive to the end. He (she, in some incarnations) has died 'on-screen' several times over the course of the trilogy in past-life flashbacks, so it occurs to me that our point-of-view character may not be sacrosanct.

The hero and most personal villain have killed each other dozens of times in the past, and in this one we're seeing the beginning of their millennia-long feud in flashbacks, and its culmination in the present day. Death for the Reborn, as they're called, is still meaningful - centuries can pass between incarnations, memories can be lost forever, and every incarnation is still a new person (kind of like how The Doctor's regenerations work in Doctor Who, but with waaaaay more lag), so while I'm fairly certain of the hero winning in the end, I'm not sure what it's going to cost him.

The first and second books are also available on Kindle, and the second one's currently free as a promotion.

Book 3's cheaper than book 1 actually, so I think that might be a promotion too.

Today's vote incentive is a photo of our rescue kitten Luna wearing a tiny hat.

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It's not ripped, Rremly's thigh is coming forward, obscuring part of his wing.

I've submitted a picture of Keno to the voting gateway thingy, thanks for the reminder :)
Very saddened to hear about Robin Williams passing away. I used to watch Mork and Mindy when I was a kid, and Hook has been one of my favourite movies since easily my late twenties. I guess he had his darkness. It's heartbreaking to see so much of it in one go like that.

Anyway: Here's to the genie, the doctor, the professor. To the DJ and the sailor man. To the dead poet and the little boy who grew up - Until next time, nannoo nannoo.

David Wong wrote a very good article for Cracked about comedy and depression. It's not a comedy article, but it's pretty much what I'd have written if I had written it.

Which I suppose is true of everything, in which case I deserve SO MUCH MONEY.

Anyway, today's vote incentive is some DVD-style commentary.

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Holy shit the whole Catharsis archive is there! FRICKIN' AWESOME!!
You might have to be logged in.
Aya's coming back in a recurring role similar to Poe. :)
@Iamnotreallyhere: You can't use HTML in user comments on SmackJeeves, but pasting a link directly works. There's some automated anti-spambot stuff, but for the most part deleting user posts is up to the discretion of me and the moderators. If you've got a link to surviving Catharsis comics then by all means share :)
Catharsis was probably the comic that made the best use of the adopted kitten from Neko the Kitty, in that Aya became a full-fledged member of the main cast. Unfortunately, the server and the creator's computer both died horribly, so it's one of the great lost webcomics of the 2000's.

The action took place almost entirely inside an apartment, which belonged to an imaginative (though somewhat lonely) woman named Gwen. Gwen would occasionally transform into her ten-year-old alter-ego Tennibrook, who was a high-energy avatar of pure chaos.

Gwen/Tennibrook's lifelong companion was Rremly, a dragon who retained his childlike innocence despite being over 3,000 years old. Most people saw Rremly as a dog of some kind, which worked along the same lines as the 'Somebody Else's Business' field in Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

They were joined by Baxter, the narcissistic narcoleptic squirrel, a tribe of Wild Cherries (who wore grass skirts and carried spears and made little 'tuk tuk' noises), and a colony of dust bunnies who lived under a recliner. There were three main dust bunnies - twins Romulus and Remus, and Bitey, who had great big teeth and a crush on Baxter.

The dust bunnies were engaged in an ongoing war with the Dust Mites (who looked a bit like Metroids), and had created a Dustbunny King for themselves to be their war leader. The Dustbunny King actually looked like a rabbit or hare (the regular dustbunnies were just little fluffy grey balls) and was a little bigger than Aya. There was a bit of a love triangle forming between Aya, Baxter, and the Dustbunny King when the site disappeared.

Anything that happened after that is personal headcanon, though I will say Aya had all four paws when Catharsis went offline.
@Licourtrix: We just took her to a vet. Vet was super nice, too - only charged €7 for the visit once Paige explained where the kitten had come from. That was for an examination plus anti-worming and flea treatments (which was the spot-on-the-back-of-the-neck type). Not their usual rates, obviously, but damn nice of them all the same.

Primrose Hill in Dun Laoghaire is our vet, we'd recommend them for readers in Dublin :)

@GDA: It's not Henry from Thomas the Tank Engine either! Entirely original creation!
@Usukie: Yep, that's Puddles, who had an occasional recurring role in Fragile Gravity - the archive of which is still online here

Fragile Gravity ended in 2009 with 1125 comics in the archive.

@Agen: That's not Thomas, that's Henry the HV1036B Electrical Transfer Engine - an entirely original character :P
That's 100% All-Beef Frank, Lord of all hot dogs.

A friend of ours was having a birthday party last Saturday. It was a good party, there was barbecue, there was sushi, someone got him a board game intended for children which involved firing little plastic balls from catapults, and that just kept getting funnier and funnier.

When we were leaving (about 2.30 in the morning), Paige heard a noise from the park. It was a little lost kitten crying out. That's how you get eaten by an urban fox, so we took the kitten home and have put out notice looking for her owner.

The vet reckons she's feral though, so Paige has named her Lunabelle and there's a picture of her in today's vote incentive.

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It was only a few short years ago that the human cast all spontaneously grew noses.
That's not how Shakespeare wrote!
Oh Bill, what have they done to you?