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-i have a weird obsession with apples and strawberry's. i like to draw strawberry's, and eat a billion apples in one day.
- i loooove black metal.
-slash is the reason i live.
i hate fred durst with a passion.
-f you all, the bangles rock
-i love beetlejuice. id go necrophiliac for that ghost.
-is that considered necrophiliac?
-i play guitar.
-i can draw real hearts by memory.
-the joker is the only clown i like. John wayne gacey and that IT clown ruined them for me.
-strangely i love westerns.
-im a big fan of old horror flicks. I like silent films the most.
-vincent price was the best. you cant argue.
- i <3 Norwegians.
- i love when a german guy, or hell even a girl, speaks in english.i ty to get them to say fuck, just to see if they say "vuck".
-im atheist.
-i love nightcrawler.
-fav actors are johnny depp, alan cummings and alan rickman.
-corpse paint turns me on. isnt that a lil weird?

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wow, a year in and only 10 pages. I know, I forgot to color the skirt, but I'm eating a greasy cheeseburger, so you'll have to forgive me.
Funyuns DO have human flesh in them.
April 3rd, 2009
You can also save children in a burning village with one. Jk, I got one too.

Gah, your drawings are so cool, your the only one who's art gets better with each page.
I've been reading this for about 2 years now, and its still amazes me how well your work is. Its so amazingly unique.
September 7th, 2008
bitch got served
ahHAHAHAH coolest ghost EVER back
Well, I'm back, and vacation SUCKED.
woah...way too small...
well I'm back, and vacation was a bitch.
i cant tell you how hard I laughed when I saw that in the movie
this is getting reeeeal good.
Thanks. Probably, I really need a spell-checker.
haha, look how crazy the little Marcus picture looks in contrast to the rest of the page XD
Dude, suspense.

By the way, I second that last part about the dark night all the way. the joker stole the show.
sorry about posting this again, there were some things I wanted to fix.
alright, now that the layouts finished, I can get this started.
Thanks. its weird how my style keeps changing on me.
sorry about the crappy page, I've been worked up in the site's layout.
mwahaah. my names sky! woot!!