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I'm a Finnish student. I speak very good English, like most of us. I like pretty much every Nintendo series from Metroid to Pokémon, I also like more serious games such as Total war and Mount&Blade. Playing video games, watching Anime and reading Manga are all stuff I like to do.
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    Juhana Valta
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Well, yes.
@newenoch: You know that the value of pokedollars is based on the value of Yen? Have you not ever wondered why you get 87 gazooks worth of pocket money from some average bug catching kiddo? Or why normal, common pokeballs cost some 200 per piece?
How did her hair turn white?
"I think Cogito is a Tsundere!"
I wonder if Gary feels guilty?
I really like this Surge.
Wow, wanted dead or alive for 200 American dollars.

And I guess everyone forgot about that policeman Beedrill pierced when they were escaping the law.
Gary Motherrunnin' Oak.
Brother? More like sister... and They aren't even the same species.
...They really forgot about that cop they killed, huh?
What about the officer who was pierced by Beedrill... And they kill Pokémon all the time.
Poor lonely old man died.
Woah, that's... Tough.
Woah. Now they're killing cops.

As much as I hate to say it, they really deserve to be arrested.
But Gary doesn't have any friends...
Gary Mothertruckin' Oak.
Shit, the pigs here! Flee niggah!
Gotta love Sandshrew! too bad you missed the move tutors, though.
As a man with poor eyesight, poor guy... But his eyes must be really shitty to not notice colors.
Cogito: I don't love you... Baka!