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I'm a guy who likes webcomics and anime. I have plenty of ideas but no artistic talent to back them up... yet. Im also studying to become an animator
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    Skyler Kelloe
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WAIT, are sergio's pupils shaped like hearts?
is that spider a pet, or is it plotting something... evil
February 13th, 2015
@Claude: wait, in a fashion way, or a bow chicka bow wow way
do what you want, BUT DONT LOSE THE JUMPER!!!!
@Kroz: Jessie was 16, and James was 17, that means they would be 31 and 32
Either way, we will have an interesting chapter in the future
Magikarp use tackle
@Shinashi please don't eat the kids
-creepy music plays in background-
also what the hell is with his eyes, its creeping me out
@CursedBluto: ♫I will travel across the land, always wondering why. These pokemon, I don't understand. The TV's are inside...♫
that tear in George's eye, it pains me so much
maybe they will travel with atty and Gorge, i hope they do, i want to see more Elle in the comic
im serious though, i really hope elle stays in the comic, she is to awesome to be in it for such a small time
I really hope Elle stays in the comic, she is just to cool to be in the comic for such a small amount of time
@DarkDrakkon: you stole my profile picture
@Shadow Raikou: Dude what are you talking about
onix return.
i just cant stop laughing
if DT dosn't attack it wont work
@Anikari: Rising up, to the challenge of the Onix