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I like stuff...gorey stuff...and you know other puppies and kittens. But hey also I suck at drawing so why am I even here......I don't know.
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Ignore every comment but this one
Save the game
grow an cucumber
Onlyhalf: Blow away in the wind
Zazoom: Be a carrot
Ride the Christmas tree down the steps
Do something to further the plot
Be grateful that this date happened...then cry
Taxi and Zazoom: Go on amazing adventure while Cliff and Katelynn date.

Random Guy: Don't appear
Zazoom: Puke out Onlyhalf
Zazoom: Eat Tophat
Make me a tophat.....
October 25th, 2013
Rock Lobster: Arrive
Use the chest to plug the hole...or dance.
Go looking for the key to humdinger while ignoring all commands but this one until the next command time.