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How are you doing today?
Hm, cool, yeah, same.
How's the family? Oh, really?
Sorry I missed it, I'll be there at the next one, promise.
Anyways, how 'bout that local sports team? Really?

Okay, I haven't accomplished telling anything about myself with this, but it's okay,

Because my information is on a need to know basis, and all YOU need to know is that I play many an RPG, from Pokemon to Skyrim, I use MS Paint, am fairly good with spriting, and enjoys seeing pixlated people suffer.

So, on better terms, the realistic conversation is still open for anyone who wants to join in.
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@opdisk225: No song will ever be as bad as Bros and Power Chords,
The bottom of the comic has become Reggie, perhaps not all hope is lost in the world.
Sorry for the sort of mis-matched gui/ graphics for the battle, Spriters Resource only goes SO far with misc. graphics.

Anyways, I love bringing a comedic outlook to a subject that is usually seen with mostly seriousness, I mean, it's my thing! Not much else to say about this, see ya, then!
... or he takes you.
First? I guess?

Any whom, it took me a bit to come up with something 'classic' and 'artyish' that I could really work my 'magic' on, but I eventually settled on the 'Vitruvian Man' by Leonardo da Vinci (seen here ) only replace Mr.Messy-hair from the original with my personal character, 'Baldy Mc No Detail'.

And I decided to even make it SFW, for the zero of you who go on Smack Jeeves on the job, unless this IS your job, but then-

Well, you get it, Enjoy!
@Sunnykitty: The flesh of the living,
Like I said, mass destruction.
I have no idea what I have released upon this world,

all I know is that it will cause mass destruction,
Good, good, I'm now only one step closer to world domination!!!


Oh. . . uh, you weren't supposed to hear that, NINJA VANISH!!!!!!
Anyways, I am the all mighty Awesomnater!
Surrender all your base to us!(along with your collections of butt and bubble gum)

I hope to fit in like a. . . a po-. . . ah. . . uh. . . person in a place where he/she belongs, there.

I don't hope to have fun, because fun finds me, really, it does, I think it has some sort of GPS tracking chip planted on me somewhere. Chill out with me or else, seeya later.
Oak doesn't care what you name is, he'll just forget it in ten minutes.