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Hobbies include drawing, reading, more drawing, gaming and wasting life on the net without much guilt, and of course pizza. Holy crap pizza.
@Sora_Hisui: ahhhh I'm glad! <3
Why can't you just eat the bugs Jake?
This will be fun!
Everyone introvert feels this.
Scene change!
Oh. This again?
Gil is having none of your crap Coober!
@RazorD9: Both unpleasant options.
Good help is hard to find these days.
Beep Beep Beep.
<p>And we’re back! Sorry for the wait, thanks for being patient. Updates will now continue every Tuesday as usual.</p><p>The Jump Ahead Pages are also continuing! Pages 1 and 2 are now up for those interested in supporting my comic on Patreon!</p><p>Looking forward to this chapter guys! It’s gonna be goooood!<br></p>
For those who don't check my twitter or Tumblr. Comics going to start updating this coming Tuesday!
DDWG - Gena Answers

Yep! You heard it here first Folks!
Chapter 5 will start in September!

This Hiatus has been a little longer, but I’ve been working on something that will benefit the webcomic in the long run. So thank you all for being patient. I will continue to post Q & A Answers from time to time to keep the feed alive until September rolls around.

Till then, I really can’t say this enough. But Thank you for sticking with DDWG for as long as you have guys! Seriously I love ya!
@PurpleheartBookworm: With Tapas shady stuff happening my plans to go over there are kinda dead. Tho I've been thinking about applying to Webtoons.
Shes got a point Cheer.
The mystery of who made all those sweets is answered!
@melaredblu: well if magic was involved THAN it would make sense. XD