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@PurpleheartBookworm: With Tapas shady stuff happening my plans to go over there are kinda dead. Tho I've been thinking about applying to Webtoons.
Shes got a point Cheer.
The mystery of who made all those sweets is answered!
@melaredblu: well if magic was involved THAN it would make sense. XD
We're running a tiny bit late! sorry about that!
Tho DDWG does now have an updated cast page on the main site if you wanna check it out. c8
OKAY! DDWG WILL NOW OFFICIALLY GO ON A SHORT BREAK! But I’ll be keeping a Q&A open so peeps won’t
get bored waiting for chapter 5. If you have any questions about the
world or characters of DDWG feel free to leave them in the comments! </p><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="454" data-orig-width="806"><img src=" e_oqdnfpTeE21ukt8c7_540.png" data-orig-height="454" data-orig-width="806"></figure>
@melaredblu: thanks for the support <3
FINAL PAGE OF CHAPTER 4! Thanks for reading guys! World building page will be posted next week.
Forests end?
@melaredblu: It's weird to tell someone ur opening a door when they're standing right next to u tho.
Hiatus and future things?


And as most of you know I take short breaks after chapter completions to restock buffer. So I’ve been trying to think up ideas for making after chapter hiatuses less silent, and various things have been suggested to me.

Open character Q&As
Posting Fanart.
Posting one page comics by guest artists
Promoting other webcomics

What do you guys think? If anyone has any other suggestions please don’t be shy! Thanks for reading. <3
Seriously it's getting old!
Surprise tree branches!
Run Rai! Tho flip the guy the bird before u do.
@melaredblu: there are two kinds of magic, it'll be explained later c8