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Hobbies include drawing, reading, more drawing, gaming and wasting life on the net without much guilt, and of course pizza. Holy crap pizza.
We're close to the end of the chapter! Also hey it's April! DDWG is now 6 years old!
@evilnidhogg: healing factors a bitch.
Steps on him.
@Carneeval: It's only been like 5 years hahahaha....
@evilnidhogg: Coobers got you covered.
@summerstorm: I'm glad u like his loser ass XD
Did u miss him?
Huh, this guy.
And we're back!
@WiispNightmare: the best they can
and he's back!
and we're back
Last update of the year guys! Going on break!
@WiispNightmare: Cheer has many little odd quirks.
@summerstorm: Like a dog but less reassuring.
and we're off again.
@WiispNightmare: you can see the next page o n the main site. c8 SJ is always an update behind.