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Hobbies include drawing, reading, more drawing, gaming and wasting life on the net without much guilt, and of course pizza. Holy crap pizza.
update! Taking May off so no updates till the 5th.
@melaredblu: haha sorry about that XD
@BananaUhl: before anything tries to split her >>;
@evilnidhogg:Things couldn't get any wore I'm sure.
and we're finished.
hey I just read through this c8 good stuff!
oh nooo!
@Sora_Hisui: ahhhh I'm glad! <3
Why can't you just eat the bugs Jake?
This will be fun!
Everyone introvert feels this.
Scene change!
Oh. This again?
Gil is having none of your crap Coober!
@RazorD9: Both unpleasant options.
Good help is hard to find these days.
Beep Beep Beep.