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- Yaoi;

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- Hentai.

All you need to know ;D
*fangirls with the pitchest voice possible* OMGTHISISSOCUTEICANT! I CAAAANT!!!!! *faints*
Can we just thank the lord, SomiJuli, for this holyness of a chapter when we see these cute angels doing it for the first time and even tho it still hasn't gone all the way we have this whole glorious sweat of wait? It still hasn't happened and I'm already screaming like it's happening.
@SomiJuli: I follow almost all of your comics except My oasis I think... I love all you guys comics this one made me sleepless for two days I just NEEDED to read it and it was an amazing trip reading it.
I freaking love this comic I love every character on this comic this story is so freaking good its like we are seeing the whole life of these characters like its not a cheesy romantic story that one stays wondering to have the man he couldnt have like he keeps life going and moving on having other stuff and people trying to forget the one he fell for on the first place and yeah I think this story is amazing keep up the good work:-)
Dat moment when this is finally happening and your like: "wow rupert such a romantic guy u are you freaking horndog" BUT YOU CAN'T DENIE THAT YOU LOVE HIM TOO MUCH TO STAY MAD AT HIM!
@Tepig16: awwwwww Thank you, it's a bouncy happy little sheep :3
eokpe+kwoekfek... Yahsss.... = w=
-squeaks- ............. I got nothing else to say ..................
Dayum Dylan THEM BUNS! <O <
@Gothic Glasses: omg that is so funny! THAT scream, i can imagen it!
I also hope my lady parts dont set me on fire... i squeeled so loud inside of me sadly i cant do it outside my voice is tired :(
Omg! this suspense is going to kill me but i can handle it! YES! SEXY STUFF IS GONNA HAPPEN!!! PLEASE JEBUS LET IT HAPPEN SEXY STUFF!!!
@QuarterNinja: Omg Best comment ever!
Agree tottally!
@megami23: Don't worry I shall... with some tissues aside of me~ = w =
@megami23: FINALLY! some beautimous (MY NEW WORD, NO COPY RIGHTS) pages I have so long waited, I must drowl more! RE-READING THIS COMIC AGAIN BECAUSE.... GLUB IT I WANT TO!

AMAZING WORK DARLING! Please keep on doing some more pages of this comic because we fell inlove with the characters and the story and the hole enviroment of the comic and it's just pure joy to read this over and over because we love it that much!
i dunno why but i have this strange feeling that Isamu's siblings want to fuck Isamu.... i dont know why, maybe its the blush... hmmm.... FUCK IT STILL LOVE IT!
@cassy-f-e: guuuuuuuuuuurl! IT.WOULD.BE.AWESOME... IF it was like both, naruto and sasuke with also another romance to like be more free and distract abit of the other with like a second relationship between Itachi and Kyuubi! O:

like LE SHOCK!

-sad face, crying in the corner-
@cassy-f-e: Oh my! its actually going to happen!!! squeak!!!

Please keep posting here too, im so thrilled been waitting for this for a long time now but it was worth it and its going to be AWESOME!!!
@cassy-f-e: omg I'm so thrilled with this!

I seriously thought it may be just Naruto or Sasuke dreaming.... More Naruto... But I'm so anxious to see the next page...

PS: I'm Single too, we should make a party for single people to not feel alone!
I always had high hopes for this comic and never gaved up, I'm very happy that you had the effort to explain to us, readers, whats happenning. But the small percentage of us who encourage you to keep on working hard and do what you need to do will be here still encouraging and hopeful to see the next page even if it takes along time, we truely love this comic and we wont easly gaven up on it.

So Thank you.