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I love to draw, just don't always have the motivation or time to get to all the ideas I have!

Hope you enjoy the few things I do manage to get down on paper!!
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    Elizabeth Ashley Fisher
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Is Hobo their dad?
happy birthday CQ!
I just now noticed her eyes change color with her magic
Heeeey yoooou guyyysssss!
So I have this idea, a bit of a talk between the twins. If someone wants to join, message me on skype or here (or even discord if you have a account) for now though I am going to be doing a few pages of just the twins together, and will let you guys know when it is completely open to join :3
The best ones
Jesse only cares about the most important stuff lol
lookit this, new pages -feels like forever since i checked it my bad-
are you married to this woman?
Hmn it would be interesting if Otto was a descendant of Saturn P:
December 22nd, 2015
His eyes! He either saw something he likes, or hates....or something is wrong...>.>
Oooo is that Jupiter's and Saturn's old house :O
December 18th, 2015
omg face squish! I love it!
November 30th, 2015
O.O poor sans, never gets any real rest does he? >.>
Er....such energy....?
lol, my cat did the same thing the other night. I was like dafug?! Because she normally stays away from my head lol
lol 'More like Westley'? did she read his diary?!
I'll switch with you, it was already 90 by 10 am today here
sigh i miss this comic *hugs it tight*
I like that your sis is all cool about it
yay a page! *cough*