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cricket,badminton,a bit of football and a bit of b ball and hocky

Waynes world 1-2, all the jurassic parks,team america rules!!!-and manymore >_>

Favourite film type:
mostly action and comedy some sci-fi

Favourite comic type : i enjoy a range of comics sonic,some manga and megaman mario and pokemon are my favourite!!! ^_^

out of things to say *gets rope from shed hangs himself* .........dead!!
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dont send me any more messages i have updated but not as much because im focusing on another comic at the moment
cool i like abrat and arctita best
maybe i should just stick with what i got
i made the miniture sprites and yes i'll give credit to pokecharm but im not the only person hense the banner
i was getting bored of having the same style hair as the others so i gotta a new dexter oh and sorry you have to change the banner again
heres my sprites for the sprites page guys
If your wondering what the hell that is in the bottom right hand corner its the battle field the trainers stand on the rocks
yeah my first page look out here comes dexter (oh and can someone update the banner so im in it i'll send my sprite sheet)
J-H i've only just joined the comic so of couse i was gonna update
shockwave were do you get your pokemon sprites
this is the first time i have seen this comic and i've got to say i am enjoying it already

can i join i already have a sprite sheet waiting to be used
bowser doesn't seem to be bothered about hitting him back
i cant wait to see what happens next fav'd
i havnt really seen this comic much but i love the mario theme
sensored thats how it should be 5* fav'd
i like the latin but espio is one of my fav sonic stars but its your choice to make him dumb lol i dont care really