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Artist/Animator working in the film industry. I have a love for art and coffee and you will rarely find me without a sketchbook in hand. I also work on comics.
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    Jessa Sininger
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@Sarah: Hi Sarah,

I'm glad that you enjoy the comic. Volume two is still being worked on. It will take a bit longer to get a safe enough page buffer before it starts updating again. I would say check back in a few more months:)
@aline1: Thanks!

I'll have to look into the Red Riding Hood version with two wolves.
@jury: :)
@DeathDragon: Thank you!
@Lunachick17: 3 volumes total.
#1 A Meeting of the Two
#2 Smoke and Mirrors
#3 A Prince and a Rose
If you have any questions please ask below. Thank you for reading volume 1 of Thorns. I hope to see you in volume 2 "Smoke and Mirrors"!
And so ends volume 1!
Trouble is brewing!
@DeathDragon: Trouble with a capital "T".
She mad.
The boy is still not ready to commit.
@DeathDragon: Thank you. Indeed it is.
@Aiyse: It would make everything so much easier.
What WILL his answer be..?
@LALA: Thank you!
@haha210: Thank you! Glad you like:)
@DeathDragon: Thank you!
Double snap!
@DeathDragon: :)