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Minecraft & Pokemon player extroadinaire, if you're ever in need of help let me know! :3
Heh, I used to like Golducks in Gen1 but that was generally before I knew what I was doing. Golduck's look cool but fight badly.

I just looked up the name Niobe & it's origins and it's SO sad. I really hope that it's name isn't a clue to Golduck's fate.
So, does a Charmeleon still die if the fire on the end of it's tail goes out? Going to be awful hard to keep it lit in a swimming pool... some Gymleaders should know better. :'S
Those aren't foreground tits, looks to me like Atty is standing next to a giant from Futurama. So the next page is "death by snoo-snoo"?

EDIT: It could also be a fat womans arse as she's walking away from Atty...
Wait is..
Is that though balloon in panel 2 coming from that Psyduck?
Bike Shop Names...
Wheel to Wheel Bikes?
Shifty Peddler?
Two Wheeled Goods, Four Wheels Bad?
Chain Reaction?
Tyred of Life?
Debt Saddled & Chained?
Wheel Not Sell These?
Wheels are a Fortune?
Team Trike Fighters
...Skips about another 50.
@Jphyper: It probably seems more unreasonable for H0ly and myself as a really cheap bike in England is about £60. You can get a professional track bike for around £3000... I'm guessing the £10,000 mark would get you a custom make Olympic Games quality bike over here.

@orihalium: According to the pokédex, a normal size Charizard is about 5'7"... which I'm guessing would be a little shorter that Atty. Poor thing would die before getting him an inch into the air!
@Leafy: A hoverboard on water? Are you crazy? If you want to cross water you gotta have POOOWEEER!!!!
@Thecommander248: If pokémon were real, most people would be so busy protecting their children from Hypnos, Drifloons and all the other child snatching pokémon, they'd likely never see an Articuno. As for myself, I always left all but one of my legendaries in the storage system as using a team of them is cheap. My Articuno would never see the light of day.

Oh and your last sentiment applies equally to yourself, just because there MIGHT not be three Articunos in there, doesn't mean they are not in there.
@Thecommander248: Abel's "system" holds the pokémon of every trainer in Kanto & possibly Johto too (as this story is based after Red's adventures, confirmed by George having read all about them). That means there could be at least 3 Articunos in there at any time... mine (as I only ever used a single legendary in my teams & Mew/Mewtwo were preferable) or my friend Stepan's Articuno (he only battled using Eeveelutions).

As my cart has corrupted, there is no way to check that Atty hasn't stolen mine... could call Stepan if you want?
Well I don't believe that Atty has stolen an Eevee as whatever he stole was in a pokéball. From what I've seen so far, Abel lets all his pet Eevees roam free.

Secondly, he's not left a pokémon with Abel as I believe we see all of Atty's pokémon (including the Oddish) behind him after he & George have left.

That leads me to believe that he's definitely stolen a rare pokémon... and from his rush to head to a Gym, I'm guessing it's something powerful! My Articuno theory is still on!
So what did Atty steal?
Hmm, from the way Atticus is acting, I think he was doing more than standing around while George was attempting to make Eevee soup. If he pulls an Articuno out of his pocket in a few pages time, I'm voting H0ly for Prime Minister.
@DaBrokor: Actually in English English, "a good job" & "a good thing" mean pretty much the same thing in that context. :P

My betting is that George watched nothing but Pokémon battles on TV & had no real life skills when she left at 10. She probably thinks a toaster is where you dry a pokédex. :3
@EB-the-GAMER: Actually, I think this makes more sense for me than anything else. A ten year old girl, sent into the world to train & battle pokémon. becomes obsessed with those pokémon... she's probably not going to know what a microwave is. If anything, she's been using nothing but a camping stove or room service for four years!

I think this is one of the funniest & most real moments in Mokepon. It points out that if you send ten year old children into the world to live on their own... they're not going to know basic things like 'what cooking equiptment looks like'.
@qazox: Nope, basically Eevees produce cells similar to stem cells, which can be assigned to a particular evolution later on in life when introduced to the right "item".

@Awesome Name is Awesome: If I remember my stats right, then Volteon (and Sylveon post Gen5) are the only Eevees you should ever call on in a battle.
Hmm, I foresee George openly picking up an Eevee... running for the hills. I can just imagine her a few minutes later staring Atty directly in the face & saying "...what?"
Hmm, if this was set in England Abel wouldn't have said no. A man that lives in a lighthouse & maintains PCs for a living can wait two years. Nuff said.
@SirLogical: Ah, my bad, I got myself confused with Yu-Gi-Oh which was pretty badly served by 4Kids... but that's a different topic altogether. :3
More research...
@SirLogical: I think the misunderstanding here is also that Red & Green (1996) was never released in Europe or the US.

However, anyone searching for Red & Blue (1998) may have believed that Digimon came first. Yes, it's still a mistake, but an honest one.

Also, it doesn't matter who released first anyway as BOTH games would have been in development at about the same time. Arguably the physical "Digital Monsters" virtual pet would have gone through more stringent safety testing than Pokémon & therefore could have started development first. Who knows.

Personally for me, both Digimon and Pokémon are great properties... the main problem Digimon had is that I believe 4Kids got the property rights and have consistently RUINED the show through silly dubbing & editing. Hence why Digimon has been on Japanese TV screen every year, but dissapeared from the US/UK for nearly a decade.
@EmilyAnnCoons: Lol, I wouldn't say understanding all of that is sad... remember that HOly had to write it to begin with. :P
@NaginiFay: Of course you're assuming that the matter is turned into energy instead of being dispursed & fresh matter used to create the new subject.

As for the soul, if it's a definable energy which can be stored in binary... then that leads to other issues such as the ability to rollback your soul to an earlier restore point should you commit crimes which could cause eternal damage. I like this world. :3