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A broke forgetful gamer geek with too much time on his hands to be good for him.

Also... he apparently describes himself in the third person... odd.
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Just think, Holy.
Somewhere out there, there is a cartoon boot without a twin.
I find it strange that they think what Atty said about the other pikachu was an insult. And yeah, I understand that what we are discussing is perspective here. I know Atty and they don't. But assuming said haughty lady overheard him mention her pikachu she must have heard the "rude boy's" female friend correct him, and him acknowledge that "Ah, okay. That's just what pikachu normally look like", clearly showing his ignorance on the matter.

Why are so many adults in this world you've created so damned petty?! It borders on infuriating!
@Guest: Bah, and here I thought I'd be the first to notice it. Internet is always quicker, I guess.
Did George always have a Majora's Mask badge on her hat?
Falcon..... PAWNCH!

That moment you wiff on that critically-needed punch, and have 150%
@Bumber: To be fair, I would find it absolutely hilarious as the only true way to calm it down is to suplex it into submission.
Sometimes, you just gotta suplex a train to make it stop.
You think that's bad, Thad..
Don't google Gardevoir with the safe search off.
Some kid's goin' die tonight!... Wait.
Who needs repels when you smoke?
I'd make a sassy remark about how it isn't defending him, it's just raving mad, and that it'd turn on him and kill him next, but...
well... we all knows what happens. Kek.

What's that Cuiburn's beef anyway? It's going udderly bonkers!
@TouhouShake: I think you mean "enough of his bull!"
Eheh eheh eheh.... I have no regrets.
I better get some answers to what the underground-bit of a Diglett looks like in this comment, or there will be hell to pay! :P
Oh my gods look at that Rapidash!
The way you drew it. It... it's... cute... lovely... smart... plus... amazing... you think so?... oh yes... it... stunning... kindly... love it! Hug it... when... sleeping... warm and cuddly... spectacular... ravishing... ...Oops! Look at the time!
I feel like this page lends itself to a Caption Contest.
@Star Noble: I know this is completely unrelated to the topic of this page, or your comment regarding it, but I am having a very difficult time looking Littlefoot in the face and not laughing my ass off. I swear, it belongs on a Try Not to Laugh challenge or something.
George! Yer legs!
Is Atty feeding George to Venus through Mega Drain?
@RandomHobo: "Maybe if she can't breathe, she can't produce electricity."
@RazorD9: The crazy girl shoots lightning out of her hands, why would I NOT want a part of that?
@disastermaster: Evoboost is pretty OP.
I feel like I've seen this scene before....
... Oh wait I did! Big Trouble in Little China, right? Is this the part where the Gym Leader inhales so much that she inflates and explodes like a balloon?