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my name is maya! i have only gotten into making comics recently :)
though usually im more into making fanimes, which you can find on my youtube along with a bunch of other stuff


im not sure what ill be making comics about mostly... but i love drawing girls, yuri, monsters, and maybe a little bit of BL here and there. i also really like gore but i most likely wont put anything too bad.
THANK YOU SO MUCH KYE FOR DRAWING THIS PAGE FOR ME!!! i have the best friends!!!

look at nemuttais comics here:

follow nemuttai on tumblr here:

honestly kye is so good like this is what i made him go off of: 3po1_540.png im so happy
i got lazy so i did a sort of unrelated comic about sharko and his BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEHAW

THATS kuno... :) say hi
yea im trying to have more bg rather than just plain white bg

here comes da beginning of chapter 2.... :-) all the other pages after dis will be colored. maybe.
chapter 2 is starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for drawing this page for me cuz i was too lazy!!! hes a really good artist and you should check out his comics!!!!!!! hes a really good friend and super nice 4 doing dis for me.... now im crying.
ok ya 2 clarify the demon guy was like "oh man i like this song! what a good song. i relate with this singer" and pointed in the air and was like "me and him are really alike" and pointed up 2 get it across. but then then dog guy was like "huh??" and didnt understand and was like thinking "up?? whos up there?" and WE ALL KNOW WHOS UP THERE!!! its god. yea theres god in this monster world idgaf. ok thats my joke im gone bye
yea updates are gonna be a little weird here and there because i'm going to be studying a whoole lot lot lot for the next week. stay patient :-)
next update after this might be a little delayed sorry sorry
20 pages! :-)

theres about 10 pages left until the first chapters over, and im almost done with all the lineart. need to catch up with coloring tho @_@!!
my new comic! this one is going to be colored, idk who knows i might give that up after a couple of pages.

updates will be a little sporatic