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krazy, you are so god damn cool. just wanted you to know that. still taking time out of your personal life to draw 3 more amazing gifts for people just so that they can get a late christmas present. only an awesome person would do that. you are the best.
is magen behind that door :| I THINK HE IS
little herz is sooo cute with his little stomach arms sdjfhdfh =v= and is that a robbie doll omg coolest family EVER
i'm so glad you like it! :> and thanks to everyone else who likes it as well =v=
umm no you didn't :/ absolutely no alterations were made to the original scan besides adding the text. it's kind of a slap in the face to your recipient and to those of us who put a lot of time and effort into our gifts. if you can't draw, then you could have at least tried, or just not have signed up at all since it IS an art based SS.
LMAO this is magical
i love this one :>

it's gorgeous! he looks so smug uhuhu. aaahhh thank you so much, secret santa! <333 i loooveee ittttt beyond words dsjfhdfh QnQ <3
ohoho, THIS art style looks familiar ;>

it's adorable!
i looove the 3rd panel. the profile view is so dignified and delicate.
bow chika bow wow
December 5th, 2010
i fucking love how herz runs with his arms trailing behind him hahahahahahha
November 22nd, 2010
i totally want a spin-off comic that just focuses on herz's family ;n; LUV DEM
-in love-
i might have to change my killer to make mine even mildly interesting in comparison
ok this is just an incomprehensible level of awesome
and by the time you put on your ghoul mask, it's already too late :'(
"well looks like we're gonna die anyway, let's get drunk!"
this may sound weird but
man i love that tree
that tree is just fantastic