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I'm your average everyday anime lover/otaku that sprites and stuff like that.

I'm also a brony. :3

(Don't worry, I won't shove MLP down your throat like most of those other ponyfags do)

Skype: SirEmman1337
Ah... I remember the days when Bre wasn't such an easy target... wait that never happened.
Made this out of boredom, disembodied souls, using it for a future comic, give any feedback that you can, etc.
And then they fucked.

I am a few weeks late on this but

... what font is that?
you mother fucker

that's my girl you're hitting on >:(
Is the tut for Paint.Net?

If so, then pls link me.
Every number between 1-20.

i r teh winner
gtfo Jeremy.

You're just jealous that he has more fans than you.

My god.

Such a vast sea of flaming and spamming.

It's so...



So wait, is that brown sonic supposed to be the equivalent of Jesus or something?

And why is this storyline longer than the other ones?
@GreatAndPowerfulArceus: *mentions that comic in his presence*
lotsa sanic future up in har