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I love to draw, been drawing since I was a child but inspired to be a cartoonist in the 4th grade from watching the anime, Yu Yu Hakusho.
I enjoy roleplaying as it helps me with character developement as well creativity.
I also like playing videos such as Team Fortress 2, the Left 4 Dead series, Jak and Daxter, Skyrim and more.
I perfer you call me Mindy or by my username, Yzarc. Either works fine with me :)
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    Migdalia Rivas
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oh shi- oh shi- oh shi-
Beth ;~;
BETH ;^;
Please please please
ima crai
good, Beth, it seems like the Gods are watching over you but please- stop being reckless and get out before it does come back! D:

8D this page is just so eerie~ hehehe
I had a feeling she was gonna bust her ass! HA!
Now, Slip and Slide down those stairs, Beth, cuz there's a Big Ol' Ugly Worm Zombie coming your way!
Hey LunaLove~
It's totally okay with me if you bump the release date on friday. Work is important and you're the boss! >w<

Beth giving the evil eye ish the best *w*

Yay organtrail!
That nose of his will soon become a lethal weapon xP eheheh looks great!
omge he's so cute, I just want to hug him!
ahahaha i can see all the joy in adding the blood.
another fine and amazing piece! ^w^