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Hey guys! The print is currently up for it's second print run! I have it posted on kickstarter, so you can click below to get the full comic as well as extras like posters, buttons, and other original BL manga! Check it out!

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@amanduur: Heh heh heh I just ordered Vol 1 and 2!!!! So excited!!! XD
Hey guys!!! So this comic went to print at the beginning of the year and had an AMAZING response!!! I went to a comic con in Houston, Texas and sold out by the second day, and everyone was coming back saying they loved the story and wanted more!

So the comic is currently going through its second print run, so I'm hosting a kickstarter for orders! You can even get some posters and buttons with you pledge! Please check it out!

In the meantime, enjoy this sketch of the awkward first kiss from the comic haha!

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Oh yeah I'll actually have downloads of the comic available for purchase soon which is especially useful for overseas readers :)
@Hoagie It is the complete oneshot story! 35 pages of gay lurve from start to finish lol

@NekoSeiboy No worries at all! Yes of course I will still have the comics for sale whenever they are in circulation! :3
Hey everyone! Thank you for stopping by to check out my new comic, Black Coffee! This is a totally original oneshot written by my and commissioned to be drawn by the lovely and talented redmarielle! The comic is ready to be pre-ordered on kickstarter here!

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Hey everyone! So I just wanted to give a little update that this comic is VERY close to being print ready! Thank you so much to everyone that pre-ordered and supported the startup! For those that still want to pre-order you can get it here: <3
Ooooo sleeping over!!! Wonder what's going to happen!
Gaybies talking about sex and then one of them falls into a compromising position. It's goin' down!!
LMAO yeah just sit back and relax... bum.

I seriously love this comic too much lol
Pre-Order The Comic Here:

Awww Sato, getting so excited about a text! Commence with the gay stuff!!!
So cute!!! I love your style! And yes cake is always the perfect bribe heh heh! Can't wait to see more!!
Can I just jump into the comic so I can drop kick his ass now plz?
Aww TT_TT poor boys! All the drama! Love your style I can't wait to see more!
S.S. Princess
December 2nd, 2016
LMAO I just read this whole comic for the first time! The bike!!! XD I'm dying.
Wow! This is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see more!
Yay!!!! I was kind of scared that it was going to be like "what he imagined saying" so I'm really glad he actually said it!!! Now accept your Uke ways damn you!
Thank goodness he has his friends!!! But ugh it's not over yet >_<;
Ugh hate that gross bitch! "Shoo shoo" who do you think you are?!? >_<#