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I started reading this only yesterday when I saw a tumblr post about this ending. Pages like these make me glad I started.
ahahaha that last panel actually made me giggle
Back to the main characters
Pilya answers Kikay's question from last comic, and finds Taray soon after.
New Characters Appear!
More zombies run amuck! Con survivors include 2 resourceful snipers :D
Pilya is back!
This time she's attending a zombie cosplay convention. Chaos ensues when some attendees turned out to be... actual zombies!
London Life fancomic finished!
I found it troll-ish how Layton just ducked out of Luke's last question lol!

Thank you for following my comics!

If you could comment what you'd like to see here next week, I'll take it into consideration ^^
Last day continues!
Featuring Barton, Chelmey, Deke, Dean Delmona, Avogadro, Luke and Layton!

Lol at the prof teasing Luke

Last page coming next week!
Day 35 starts
2 more pages to the end! :D
this is so good XD
Days 33 and 34 started
Featuring Layton, Flora and Lady Dahlia!

Yay Flora and Lady Dahlia are saved :D

Three more pages to the end!
Day 32
Professor Layton's big reveal!

And we have only 4 pages left of this series ;)
hot damn
I need to learn piano RIGHT NOW
Days 30 & 31
You help a lonely Avogadro and a nicer Parcelle, which brings us to Luke.

Flora IS in trouble! (Again??)
Day 29 started!
The confrontation with Don Paolo continues...

Featuring Don Paolo (again), Avogadro (again), Rosetta and Grinko (again)!

Ooh is Flora in real danger now? o_o
Days 26, 27 and 28 started!
Featuring Flora, Luke (again), Avogadro (again) and Don Paolo!

Just a few more and we'll be at the home stretch :D
Days 24 and 25 started!
Featuring Pauly, Stahngun and Avogadro (again)!

Sorry for the long hiatus! Been busy with part-time gigs ^^

A girl's gotta eat!
Day 23 started!
Featuring Chelmey (again), Babette, Bostro (again), Lili and Becky!

Still following the walkthrough, I went to Clements Boutique to buy a Snazzy Top Hat to reach Golden Spires Casino's Formality minimum of 50 ^^
Days 21 and 22 started!
Featuring Krantz, Bostro, Lady Dahlia and Chelmey (again)!

I followed the walkthrough where it made me buy a Black Jacket, Black Pants and Beret (White Gloves if need be) to reach Crumpet Hotel's Formality minimum of 40 ^^
Days 19 and 20 started!
Featuring Puzzlette and Marjorie!

I like making a comic to see it to its completion ^^
Days 17 and 18 started!
Featuring Dean Delmona (again), Grinko, Luke and Granny R.

I try to work on this comic as much as I can before I start devoting my evenings freelancing :D