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it really is a fun game
Once, I only realized it was the holiday season the day before Christmas eve....
thats cruel, and hilarious at the same time... am i a bad person?
and now she falls of the cliff and hits her head... yep thats totaly what happens next. right?
is this comic still active or what?
i like...
I like color, but cq is probably best if we faster updates
.... This world is wierd. Is this world about to end? I hope I can travel to a new world after I leave this one.

done.... I like this story so far btw...
Zack- simply because of 2 reasons, 1. hes the classic hero: a character with a tragic past tasked with saving the world... 2. hes a Riolu, hima nd his evolution are awesome
i hear ya
i hate those pokemon... -_- when i come back later to train eggs and stuff they never quit give me enough exp
Have you noticed the scar man seems to keep avoiding the question about his name?
Is he doing that on purpose?
ok wow i was wandering what was taking you so long but i guess that's ok with this reason

i was eating pizza while reading this